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time Trojan *ueen formerly Achilles’ mistress now belonging to his companion Alcimus uietly *Briseis formerly Achilles’ mistress now belonging his companion Alcimus uietly in these developments She forges alliances when she can with Priam’s aged wife the defiant Hecuba and with the disgraced soothsayer Calchas all the while shrewdly seeking her path to revenge. ,
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Omen of Troy themselves They await a fair wind for the AegeanIt does not come *because the gods are The body of King Priam lies unburied and *the gods are offended The body King Priam lies unburied and and so the victors remain in suspension camped in the shadows of the city they destroyed as the coalition that held them together begins to unravel Old feuds resurface and new suspicions and rivalri. ,
From the Booker Prize winning Pat Barker author of The Silence of the Girls “An important *POWERFUL MEMORABLE BOOK” –EMILY WILSON TRANSLATOR *memorable book” –Emily Wilson Translator The Odyssey A Retelling Of The Trojan Wilson translator The Odyssey a retelling of the Trojan from the perspective of the women who endured it Troy has fallen and the victorious Greeks are eager to return home with the spoils of an endless war–including the .

SUMMARY The Women of Troy

The Women of Troy