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The Sacred BandI was gifted with a copy of this book by the author for the urpose of giving an honest reviewI really didn t know what to expect with The Sacred Band when the author reuested a read and review I was not familiar with the Thieves World shared fantasy world and the book looks like it s based on Greek history and mythology Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) perhaps even set in ancient Greece which isn t really my thing but it looked intriguing so I decided to give it a go and I m glad I didThe Sacred Band is an exciting and deeply emotional epic fantasy about a band of warriors dedicated to each other as brothers who find themselves in a battle to restore their integrity and right some old imbalances in their world It touches on ancient Greece when the Sacred Band of Stepsons comes to our world to save a group of otherwise doomed Theban warriors in an incident based on a historical battle Then the ac At 600ages this epic story is not for the faint hearted but for those who venture into the fantastic world of ancient gods wars and battles The Sacred Band is immensely rewarding The writing style is meant to ace the reader but by doing so I found that the images of eople and events were deeply impressed on my mind articularly the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE which is the central theme of this story For those familiar with classic history this Fantasy version would be articularly exciting but even for those of us who just like to enjoy a good book The Sacred Band won t disappoint The writing style epitomizes true literature of high uality making it a very rewarding reading experience on its own merit regardless of historic basis or the fantasy genre The ancient world relied heavily on its belief in gods and how those gods controlled or interacted with mortal man and this makes an excellent latform for a special kind of Fantasy novel The characters gods avatar of gods and other beings in "between the heavenly and earthly realm are gradually introduced and developed and near "the heavenly and earthly realm are gradually introduced and developed and near end of the book I found myself feeling well acuainted and even fond of the main characters Tempus Niko Strat Crit the Theban goddess Harmony among others and was anxious to read the outcome of the climactic battle hoping they would all survive unscathed Getting involved with the characters their lives and destinies in such a way is always a sign of a good story and a well written book and for me ersonally The Sacred Band has made a Faja (Naslouchač, part of obscure history come to life in my mind and thereby also changed myerception of this art of history Hands down my favorite so far The addition of the Sacred Band of Thebes and their goddess made this book just superb We meet back up with one of my favorite characters other than Niko Ischade the necromant What can I say about Ischade and Strat other than WOW Even wi. The Sacred Band of Thebes lives on a world away in this mythic novel of love in war in ancient times In 338 BCE during the Battle of Chaeronea that results in the massacre of the Sacred Band of Thebes the legendary Tempus and his Stepson cava. ,

Thout the authors going into any detail the love those two have for each other It almost stole the book away from Niko who once again goes through Hell and back but emerges stronger better complete To me this book was about love than any of the other books We have Niko s love for Tempus for Randal for Harmony for the band Tempus has his love for Niko the band Cime and Jihan and Kouras Crit with his worrisome love for Strat who loves both Crit and the dangerous Ischade We have a goddess love for her fighters and their love for her All this love floating aroundand not a lot of words about it but it is THEREyou can t help but notice itWe have the opposite of love the hatred that Shamshi and Askelon have for my Hearts Farthings pooroor Nikodemus This story line just floored me What a horrid match those two make The entelechy of dreams and dark mage blooded Banderan trained youth The hatred those two have for Niko and Tempus just drips with venom and malice As much as I love Niko that storyline was my favorite in this book Shamshi turned up at the weirdest times causing strife and confusion Just freaking brilliantAnd we add to all that emotion capping it off with one of the best written most concise battles that I have ever had the leasure to read I read it three times to make sure I didn t miss anything and I am still sure I did Well choreographed action no wasted words This is one of the few battles I have read where I could SEE the action unfolding BEFORE MY EYES I COULD SEE my eyes I could see spears and arrows some hitting home and causing great injury and others being intercepted by shields I could see the masses of fighters with all the various injuries I could hear the shouts feel the fear running through the fighters I could almost taste the metallic flavor of blood okay I may have bitten the inside of my lipanxiety for all my guys just about did me in These books have all icked me up and Little Darlings plopped me into the midst of The Sacred Band and made me experience it allWhen all is said and done the final scene on the spit by the seayeah I criedit is emotionaloignant and wraps it all up with a new military atch and commendations I dare you to read the voice of Abarsis at the end when he talks to RiddlerAnd that right there that apparent first had exposure is why I just adore these books the characters and most of all the "authors total immersion in the history the antheon "Total immersion in the history the antheon gods and human nature the good the bad and the worst There are no better books that I have found that call to a history buff who is also a lover of heroic fantasy books Life to you and everlasting glory In a world of books that try to capture the vintage literacy of times ast but fail it is refreshing and exhilarating to finally find a book in this day and age that one can honestly say is an instant class. Lry rescue twenty three Your Name Here pairs of Theban Sacred Bandersaired lovers and friends to fight on other days These forty six Thebans whose bones will never lie in the mass grave that holds their two hundred and fifty four brothers join with the im. IcThe story is already complex but then you throw in an impressive collection of characters each getting their turn in the the spotlight It s simply mind blowing none fade away and there aren t any loose ends simply a remarkable feat The numerous characters The Sacred Band and the Thebans are sewn together so seamlessly that what should look like a uilt is like a Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, painted masterpiece If I had to fault the book the only thing I can say is that I hit a snag in the beginning I had a fewroblems understanding and remembering who was who because the characters have their given name and also their war name and in some their given name and also their war name and in some a god given name and I am notoriously awful when it comes to names So the fault is really just me However it didn t take long for me to catch on to a True plot this intriguing and dangerous The authors knew the dynamics of war and the seuences leading up to it everything waserfectly A Fairly Honourable Defeat played out like a good chess game and the funart was you could see it from so many different oints of view The Sacred Band took me into a world of gods demigods mortals and other beings Each with their own affections and opinions toward one another hatred respect and most importantly love I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book And Will Be Recommending will be recommending to all of my friends and family JSTurner This is the first Sacred Band story I have ever read and I m left wondering how in the heck I overlooked this amazing world created by Janet Morris and Chris Morris in the 1980s Whoops did I just carbon date myself there One of the things I found so great about this book is that it doesn t matter that I missed all that cool stuff in the 80s because I icked this one up and dove right Sure there were a very few allusions to rior stories but not enough to make you feel like you ve really missed out on something major This book stands alone and does a great job of doing it What happens when gods fates and other supernatural forces dally with the lives of men Nothing good We find Tempus leading his Sacred Band of Stepsons into harms way in an effort to save the fated dead on the field of "Battle Setting Off A Chain "setting off a chain events even gods and goddesses can t control If they are successful how will men sworn to fight and die alongside their brethren find a way to live with themselvesThe supposed son of a god a seer a wizarding boy and one blessed by a goddess come to earth How might these four young Sacred Banders effect the outcome The only way to find out is to read this wonderful book for yourselfWhen I finished The Sacred Band before I realized it had happened I had taken my Kindle back to the first age and read three ages again It must have been my subconscious trying it s best not to leave Sanctuary leaving my new found friends behind I cannot wait to get my hands. Mortalized Tempus and his Sacred Band of Stepsons consummate ancient cavalry fighters to make new lives in a faraway land and fight the battle of their dreams where gods walk the earth ghosts take the field and the angry Fates demand their du. ,

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