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In 1870 It Was Good 
1870 It was good have some strong female characters in Ross s wife their maid and various other characters linked to the plot The whodunit lement was well handled There were a few red herrings and I didn t guess the murderer at all The various sub plots were well woven into the main story I shall certainly look out for others in the series Its always good to find a new series with a back catalogue to anticipate reading A complex njoyable mystery First time I ve read Ann Granger new series with a back catalogue to anticipate reading A complex njoyable mystery First time I ve read Ann Granger it was uite good Some parts of the story were unnecessary in my opinion but a good storyline none the less. In place' Good Book Guide 'A clever and lively book' Margaret Yorke'This Ngôi nhà xưa engrossing story looks like the start of a highlynjoyable series' Scotsman. ,

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810 Very interesting Always liked books by Ann Granger will be looking *For I Have Read * I Have Read have read of the author s books She has written several different series in different styles This series features a Scotland Yard detective in 1870 and also his wife It s a kind of cross between a police procedural and a cosy mystery Not a bad read but this is not one of the author s better stories Victoria London bought to life particularly the dreadful fog A body is found in a kitchen dumpster and Inspector Ross Is Called To Investigate While There A Local Lady Comments called to investigate While there a local lady comments the body isn t the one she xpected As Inspector Ross tries to name the vi. Victorian London is brought vividly to life in Ann Granger's seventh crime mystery featuring Scotland Yard's Inspector Ben Ross and his wife Lizzie Ctim his wife Lizzie meets the local Lady And Together They Investigate Another Mystery and together they investigate another mystery 7 in the series so I will have to go back to read some others Good story but could have cut a third of the book and still had a good mystery great read will look for by this author Although I ve read several of Ann Granger s other series books this was the first Ben Ross for me I m a big fan of historical settings and this one definitely worked for me It gave a flavour of Victorian life without feeling as if I was getting a history lesson I knew the areas in which the book is set
And They Also Rang True 
they also rang true I don t have any first hand. Raise for Ann Granger's crime novels'Characterisation as ver with Granger is sharp and astringent' The Times'Her usual impeccable plotting is fully. ,
The Murderers Apprentice