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The LootIng character that you might recognize a retired and worn soldier who hopes to leave the war behind Unfortunately her father s gambling habit ut him in deep trouble Charlie wants to help him but she needs serious cash to Filthy Rich Boys (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep, pay his debts before the violent loan shark teaches him a lesson Because retired EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians aren t highly sought after in the labor market she accepts a job as arofessional bodyguard When her client s deadly secrets come to light things go sideways but there may be the long lost loot to take away I Loved The Pacing loved the acing *THE STORY AND ITS FOCUS ON *story and its focus on ersonal Charlene no longer fights for the country but she does for her family I Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, prefer smaller scale narratives so I loved her determination to save her father from himself and dangerous bookie while simultaneously trying to explain the attempted murder mystery In terms of character development Charlie is compelling in her own right with her ownersonal demons that color many of the scenes Her troubled relationship with her father gives readers even insight into her mental space She may be willing to dip her fingers outside of the boundaries

"of the law "
the law she s one of the good guys Some motivation behind the antagonists of this story seems a bit trite as do their tactics On the whole though the characters are well developed with backstories and moments of introspection that make them memorable I especially enjoyed stoic Beckett who may or may not have a lethal On Moral Courage past The Loot is a gripping thriller andossibly a beginning of the exciting series with Charlie McCabe leading the charge I can t wait to read the seuel Sale Alert Kindle Deal Alert 199This review was originally Nanny by Chance posted on Books of My Heart35 Really There is No Supernatural in this StarsThe Loot is the first book in the brand new Charlie McCabe series by Craig Shaefer Charlie MacCabe just got out of the army She is used to highressure situations having been art of the bomb suad in Afghanistan for the last eight years but it seems like it is easier to diffuse a bomb than talk to her father I want you to remember something no matter what they tell you you might stop wearing the uniform but you never stop being a soldier And a soldier needs a mission Sir she d said This mission is over he d told her Go find a new one Dismissed Charlie needs to do a few things 1 Adjust to not being in constant danger Oh oops scatch that keep your guard up at all times Check 2 Figure out how to come up with tw. Father she needs to get serious cash together fastHowever her father isn’t the only one who needs saving When Charlie’s first client a wealthy executive with a shady ast narrowly escapes a bomb lot Charlie’s investigation leads her into the heart of Boston’s criminal underworld Along the way she stumbles upon cl.

Summary The Loot

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Enty thousand dollars in ten days Remember daddy Dearest He Has A Little he has a little roblem and owes the mob some money Check 3 Find a new mission in life or at least a new gang to hang out with Check Double Check 4 Try to stay out of trouble with the mob Well that one might be a little harder than the othersCharlie thought that once she left the army she was done defusing bombs She is so so wrong Her new job has a contract to John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles protect a dirt bag with skeletons in his closet andlenty of eople with a reason to kill him One of those eople just so happens to have a few skills in bombing 101 and is making Charlie feel nostalgic Auribus teneo lupum he saidCharlie stared at him over the mouth of her bottle Meaning It s Latin It means holding a wolf by its ears He set the cloth down and curled his hands in front of him Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume 1 pantomiming You hold on you re screwed You let go you re screwed Damned if I do damned if I don t Pretty much wolf chow all around I like Craig Schaefer because he isn t afraid to have his characters make some choices that straddle the line between right and wrong Charlie isut into a situation where she might be able to come up with the money to save her dad but it means some bodies could need to be disposed of She is going to have to make a few calls that might not sit well with the reading audience I m fine because I like when characters aren t all good or all bad but somewhere in the grey areaThis is a solid first book in a series and I m interested in Charlie and her new job as a Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders professional bodyguard for a company having some cash flowroblems The other characters WE GET TO SPEND SOME TIME get to spend some time Beckett and Dom seem to have some good backstories happening We don t get to touch on them much but I like the direction this is headingThe only disappointment I really had for this was there is no magic monsters or things of a supernatural nature that go bump in the night This is straight up real world who done it type mystery Because I ve read a lot of Schaefer books I was both a little surprised and disappointed Still it s a really solid start to a series *And I Ll Be Sure To Check The Next Installment *I ll be sure to check the next installment too Narration Susannah Jones is a narrator I know will always do a solid job on her Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards performance and The Loot wasn t any different I always think of the Rock Chick series anytime I hear her voice but I ve listened to well over twenty books narrated by her and I m never disappointed I listened to this at my normal 15x speedListen to a cli. Ues about a diamond heist gone wrong that’s been unsolved for decadesWith the clock ticking and chaos descending Charlie sees a solution to bothroblems but it won’t be easy and it won’t be Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, pretty A “normal” life may await Charlie on the other side of this mess butart of her knows that the battle has just begu. I loved this It was riveting from the get go I loved the main character Charlie and read like I was watching a movie I can t wait to read another one of these It just wasn t all that exciting And that makes me sad Guns bombs death threats actionthe book should ve had me on the edge of my seat andnothing I may not read mysteries as a rule mostly Stephanie Plum and that s because Janet Evanovich knows how to write a fucking funny book but I ve also read some great ones outside of her work The Speed of Sound and Where the Forest Meets the Stars come to mind and know that I don t always find the genre boringStill 20 books before he writes a stinker isn t something to sneeze at Oh I thought I ll just dip into this just read the first few agesFamous last wordsCharlie McCabe is demobbed and looking for a job and a miracle the former because everyone needs a job the latter because her gambling addict father is in deep with the local leg breakers and even a job isn t going to ay the kind of money she needs in ten daysThe story got started fast and didn t slow downSchaefer is an author I follow and he s made the jump from urban fantasy to thriller extremely well Although he appears to be following in the footsteps of Zo Sharp who also writes about a female ex soldier called Charlie who finds a second career as a bodyguard Schaefer s Charlie is her own erson and seems to be The Heart of Business primed for a slightly different career trajectory to Sharp s CharlieCharlie is a sympathetic character who is easy to like a competentrofessional who is neither too hard to care nor too soft *to step over a line and is clearly being set up for than one book Secondary characters *step over a line and is "clearly being set up for than one book Secondary characters and Dom have their own backstories and it s " being set up for than one book Secondary characters and Dom have their own backstories and it s clear that we re seeing the birth of a team hereThe Treasures of Darkness plot moves uickly and it s clear that Charlie McCabe s world is going to be oneainted in shades of grey there are no angels here Even Charlie and her team tapdance along the line It makes me wonder where they re going to end upI read this in Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) pretty much one sitting it s a fast entertaining read and I ll certainly be waiting for Charlie McCabe books As a die hard Schaefer fan I ll buy and read anything he writes It s good he writes in the genres I adore as a reader The Loot is his first thriller novel Having read all of Craig srevious titles I knew what to expect an intoxicating flood of action Menopause and the Mind personal drama and suspense No supernatural elements this time though Charlie Charlene McCabe is a lead. She fought for her country Now she’s fighting for her familyWhen Sergeant Charlie McCabe returns from fighting in Afghanistan she hopes to leave the war behind Instead she comes home to a father whose gambling hasut him in deep trouble with a violent loan shark She finds work as a Software (The Body Electric Book 4) professional bodyguard but to save her.