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structure which five biomes representing the most important ecological zones on Earth This is exactly the type of environment people would have to live in if they wanted to colonize Mars or some other far flung planetIt s hard to decide which is scarier the almost clownish debates between the top scientists of the day between the top scientists of the day how the plants animals humans and billions of microbes contained within the mini environment would interact in a closed system or the desperate fight by the biospherians to control the levels of carbon dioxide exhaled by animals and produced by many other biological processes versus the levels of oxygen generated by the plant life within the structure sound familiarThe book is also a fascinating study Of Human Interactions In A Closed System human interactions in a closed system biospherians good friends at the outset eventually formed into two opposing groups who were spitting on each other by the time the experiment was overFascinating in so many ways interaction between man and the environment between project management and the captive biospherians between the project and the press between the management and the scientists they hired to oversee the experimentHighly recommended. N a riveting fast paced trip through shattered lives scientific discovery cults love fears of insanity and inspiring human endurance The eight biospherians who closed themselves into the Biosphere emerged 730 days later much wiser thinner and having done what many had said was impossible. ,

Interesting recap of the Biosphere II experiment Unfortunately the book is badly edited Oh man I am totally obsessed with Biosphere 2 again This was exactly what i needed The information on the web is pretty paltry so this was a solid behind the scenes account of what was going on I will probably need to read one book on the subject either John Allen s or Abigail Alling s There was so much contention and all the participants inside the dome and outside fell into two warring factions Jane s book seems pretty even handed and logical and I can t help but feel sympathetic to it But i think for a true nderstanding it s best to get multiple points of view Alling apparently was responsible for sabotaging the second mission by opening all the airlocks Which is weird since she was a Biospherian in the first mission I d love to try and nderstand what her logic was Also I want to go visit it ASAP A detailed account of one of the largest scale experiments in recent history from one of its original participants I m not sure I needed the blow by blow descriptions of every argument the crew And Management Had With Each Management Had With Each had with each but it does provide a vivid example of what happens to human psychology when you It's a story that has never been told vivid example of what happens to human psychology when you It's a story that has never been told now Imagine being sealed into a closed environment for two years cut off from the outside world with only seven other people enduring never ending hunger severely low levels of oxygen and extremely difficult relationships Crew members strug. The Human Experiment Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2
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Onfine eight people to a small space for two years So far 1st 2 chapters the book seems to be I grew p so rich that I didn So far 1st 2 chapters the book seems to be I grew Still Side by Side up so rich that I didn have experiences in Nature I grewp so rich that it was hard for me to tell my parents that I didn t want to do the career they told me to do Poor girl Next she lives in an art gallery with A BUNCH OF HIPPIES AND STUDIES MEDITATION I WAS bunch of hippies and studies meditation I was interested in the Biosphere 2 experience but it doesn t seem to be about that After reading other reviews that indicate there weren t SCIENTISTS in the dome just rich hippiesartistsactors I can see there s not a lot of educational value to look forward to PS Her big point about 2 years AND TWENTY MINUTES in the biosphere seems so pompous self centered and UGH don t get me started The Human Experiment is a must read for anyone who still Oriori No Uta uestions the complexity or fragility of our planet s environmentIt s the story of eight biospherians who spent two virtuallyninterrupted years in the early 90 s inside a sealed environment called Biosphere 2 Earth is Biosphere 1 designed to duplicate Earth s ecology on a smaller scale No material was allowed in or out during the entire two years All food water and even the air they breathed was Gled to survive in Biosphere 2 where they swore nothing would go in or out no food or water not even air all in the name of science For the first time biospherian Jane Poynter who lived and loved in the Biosphere is ready to share what really happened in there She takes readers

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