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The Disappearing Spoon And Other True Tales of Madness Love and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements

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As a right or wrong reader This is an absolutely brilliant idea for a book and it s a superb book It s beautifully organized and well written It s a wonderful way to learn andor deepen knowledge of chemistry This book is fine for laypeople but will give meaning and extra enjoyment even for advanced chemistry students Much appreciated by me was that the information imparted was over my head only a very few times and that s saying a lot because I ve never taken a chemistry classThis book covers the elements of the eriodic table via its history and by telling stories about the various "elements their My GR friend Jason writes sturdy and trustworthy reviews " their My GR friend Jason writes sturdy and trustworthy reviews I must take exception with him here The Disappearing Spoon is uick light reading out in the sun It handles complex theory in a comfortable approachable wayYes it is all that IF such stuff as this makes sense to you The strongest solo acid is still the boron based carborane HCB11C111 And this boron acid has the best unchline so far it s simultaneously the world s strongest and gentlest acid To wrap your head around that remember that acids split into ositive and Negative Parts In Carborane parts In carborane case you get H and an elaborate cagelike structure formed by everything else CB11C111 With most acids it s the negative ortion that s corrosive and caustic and eats through the skin But the boron cage forms one of the most stable molecules ever invented Its boron atoms share electrons so generously that it Rich Men, Single Women practically becomes helium and it won t go around ripping electrons from other atoms the usual cause of acidic carnageWell this could beart of the rules of uidditch for all the sense it makes to Twice Retired poor general reader me so I think The Disappearing Spoon is really for science geeks who think stuff about German chemists being hornswoggled out of a Nobel Prize for Alchemy by some Californian sharpies in 1951 or a neat account of the crucialroperties of the biomolecule which are called handedness is the very thing for those moments on the beach when there isn t any eye candy around. HemWhy did a little lithium Li 3 help cure Ten Twentieth-Century Poets poet Robert Lowell of his madness And how did gallium Ga 31 become the go to element for laboratoryranksters The Disappearing Spoon has the answers fusing science with the classic lore of invention investigation discovery and alchemy from the big bang through to the end of time. I should have liked this book and I can t really explain why I didn t It s not oorly written though I can t really explain why I didn t It s not Biblical Standard for Evangelists poorly written though ain t Solzhenitsyn and it s not that uninteresting of a topic but I just found that after the first 40ishages I dreaded having to read It was like Until Again pulling teeth only a bit lessainful even without the option of novocaineI think Jesus Calling part of it was that the book wasn t well organized The author seemed to jump around theeriodic table at his whim without keeping a consistent framework Ebeles Favourite perhaps that was theoint it was a bit unclear to me Anyway the writing is OKish ENOUGH AND IT IS CERTAINLY VERY and it is certainly very researched so I can understand why many eople have liked it And it s really not a bad science book but for some reason I just found myself having a viscerally negative reaction to having to read the next chapter well I guess I didn t have to keep reading on but whatever I don t know I wish I could inpoint the source of my discontent with this but it is what it is so feel free to try it out for yourself This book took me 76 days or almost three months to read In this case I needed all seventy six individual days to work my brain through The Quiet Front passages like this one For instance thirteen aluminium atoms grouped together in the right way do a killer bromine the two entities are indistinguishable in chemical reactions This happens despite the cluster being thirteen times larger than a single bromine atom and despite aluminium being nothing like the lacrimatoryoison gas staple The clusters work like this The atoms arrange themselves into a three dimensional Beading on a Loom polyhedron and each atom in it mimics aroton and a neutron in a collective nucleus The caveat is that electrons can flow around inside this soft nucleic blob and the atoms share the electrons collectively Scientists wryly call this state of matter jellium All you need to know is that I m sort of an idiot If you read the above Nights of the Round Table passage and thought This makeserfect sense What an appropriate way to explain jellium a state I ve always been interested in then you are less of an idiot. Why did Gandhi hate iodine I 53 Why did the Japanese kill Godzilla with missiles made of cadmium Cd 48 How did radium Ra 88 nearly ruin Marie Curie's reputation And why did tellurium Te 52 lead to the most bizarre gold rush in historyThe eriodic table is one of our crowning scientific achievements but it's also a treasur. Than me and will Aliens Among Us probably enjoy this book very much To give context here s how much of an idiot I am when I tookhysics at Stanford on the way to my successful minor ha I Had A Lot Of Trouble With Electricity a lot of trouble with electricity optics To study I did literally every single True Paradise problem from those chapters and I did the wordroblems multiple times When I Got To I got to final I immediately recognized one of the roblems I had done at least four times was jubilant for about 2 seconds and then realized I had absolutely no idea how to do it I think I only got half credit That is how good I am at suashing scientific concepts into my brain On the ositive side I find all of this very interesting and because I forget it so uickly I have a lifetime of renewed discoveries ahead of me There s a certain type of goodreads troll the one who defends their beloved book by saying something like Well if you knew the topic didn t interest you why were you stupid enough to Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie pick up the book To that goodreads troll I now have an answer this bookIf you had told me a few weeks ago that I d find a book about chemistry and theeriodic table of elements difficult to Jonathan Visits the White House put down I d have had a hard time believing you But I did This book was funny interesting even gripping at times and always engaging I took off a star because I ll admit that I didn t get all of it despite the author s best efforts I guess it would take than a fun book to turn me into a chemistryerson But it was still a wonderful read and not a guilty leasure because it was actually educational This meant I could feel virtuous for once while I ignored my various responsibilities in favor of readingSo not only did I get to enjoy a good book I feel vindicated in my ongoing belief that a a sufficiently good writer can make any topic interesting even to a reluctant reader Yes sometimes it ays to leave your reading comfort zone And when it doesn t you have every right to complain because it is about the book not just about a Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού personal bias with regard to the content For a good book there should be no such thing. E trove ofassion adventure betrayal and obsession The fascinating tales in The Disappearing Spoon follow carbon neon silicon gold and every single element on the table as they This Poison Will Remain play out theirarts in human history finance mythology conflict the arts medicine and the lives of the freuently mad scientists who discovered