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The Dark CrystalThis thing deserves ten starsA fan of the movie since I was very young I found this book a leasing stroll down memory lane and an in depth look at the book a The Berlin Airlift pleasing stroll down memory lane and an in depth look at the level of designing and detailing that went into create every single element of this once in a lifetime cinematic wonderTruly a book for fans of all ages Hardback 192ages This thoroughly covers the movie The Dark Crystal from the very first ideas on through the St. Solifer with Other Worthies and Unworthies planningrocess raising money Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process problems with the filming the great inventiveness of the group that worked on the film the very negative review of a test audience major changes made in the movie and the This is a book I ve been waiting to read for 35 years A detailed history of the making of Jim Henson and Brian Froud s breathtakingly wonderful film The Dark Crystal The book is filled to the brim with on sethotos and many of Brian Froud s marvellous sketches and Illicit Desires (Illicit, painting The text starts with the inception of the movie as arogression of Jim s early Land of Gorch characters to a serious fantasy film It follows the evolution of the story from its earliest ideas Soul Drinker (Soul Drinkers, put together whilst snowed in at an airport to its completed form Then looks at the designs of the various creatures and the difficulties in overcomingroblems such as skin tone for which it owes a debt to Dick Smith of Exorcist fame and the sheer weight of the ground breaking Foxmask (Saga of the Light Isles, puppets There are a lot s of detailed close ups of the Gelfling Skeksis urRu and Garthim showing details which aren t always clear on film Considering how much weight they had to carry don t know how the urRuuppeteers managed to make it through the shoot with their knees intactThe book contains numerous reproductions of sketches memos and And His Letters Grew Colder pitch booklets which gives it a much tactile feel The two bookletsroduced as original Emasculating Her Husband pitch documents for The Dark Crystal and it s failed seuel Power Of The Dark Crystal are a special treatThis is a marvellous read for those who are casually interested in the film the new generation of amateur film makers and cosplayers hoping to recreate characters at conventions It works beautifully as a companioniece to Brian Froud s earlier book World of the Dark Crystal which is an in universe guide to the history and hilosophy of the filmWell "worth the 35 year wait originally ublished "the 35 year Originally ublished online BORGcomIf you had a time machine and your goal was to find someone to give a master class in storytelling a master class in worldbuilding and bringing an idea to reality would there be a better choice than Jim Henson Henson will be forever known first for his Sesame Street character Ernie and Muppets Kermit the Frog Rowlf the Dog Dr Teeth Waldorf The Swedish Chef and The Muppet Movie and The Muppet Show are beloved by generations He made the unreal seem real and fantasy as close to reality as we may ever see it Yet he was erhaps The Secret Expedition proudest of the creation of the first full length live action motionicture where the stars were all creatures The Dark Crystal yet another of the unforgettable films from 1982 we re celebrating this year here at borgcom The Henson family and The Jim Henson Company have opened their archive and Real-Life BPMN published the remarkable story of the film from idea to the film s release in The Dark Crystal The Ultimate Visual History available this month from Insight EditionsWriter Caseen Gaines new chronicle of The Dark Crystal is not a typical visual companion The story told in the textrovides a most intriguing account of Henson a behind the scenes look at the man from his family and all those who worked with him as he talked through the idea for a darker story while delayed on a chance cancelled flight with his daughter as he cast a team of A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION puppet builders creativeerformance artists artisans costumers and concept design artists as he leveraged the success of The Muppet Movie and strategically negotiat. Dark Crystal The Ultimate Visual History is the definitive collection of rare artwork interviews and on set hotos from the beloved Jim Henson fantasy classicA true masterpiece brought to life by the ingenious uppetry and. Ed his way to gain investment dollars to make a film that stands alone in the history of fantasy film As daughter Cheryl Henson states in the book I don t think my father ever tried to hide how something was done because how it "s done is often as interesting as the "done is often as interesting as the roduct and that Generation proves true in The Ultimate Visual History Sherovides a foreword to the book and an introduction is A World Without Clothes provided by film creators Brian and Wendy FroudGaines includes tipped in replica memorabilia from the Jim Henson archives which he integrates into the narrative to illustrate the five years of Henson s concept to screenrocess Readers gain new appreciation for Henson as we witness his own hand written notebook Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girls Heart pages of ideas for the characters that would transform into the dualism of the Skeksis and Mystics Brian Froud s original concept book created to sell the idea to investors outlines story treatments hand drawn sketches scene memos and a concept artitch book by Froud for a Pirate Gold planned seuel Photographs document a chronologicalreparation of characters looking at first nothing like their final on screen The Heart of Cool personas and the difficultrocess of creating the mechanics for each type of character for Gelflings Jen and Kira the exiled Skeksis Chamberlain Jen s dying Mystic master a room full of Minotaur Lust potato headed Podlings the wise goddessprophet Aughra the majestic Landstriders the giant beetle like Garthim and the cute and toothy fuzzy Fizzgig The new fantasy world had its roots in myths and folklore yet Henson created something singular with all these magicians that was akin to Tolkien s fantasy realmHarry Lange screenwriter David Odell artist Wendy Midener Froud cinematographer Ossie Morris coroducer Gary Kurtz and Henson s family of creators A Game of Unchance provide clues into the mind of Henson what motivated him why he wanted to build this new world how his own spirituality factored into his vision and the kind of open creative workspace hishilosophy engendered with his fellow creators Interviews with costume creators share their own The Undead: Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water Test, Beating Heart Cadavers--How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death - Kindle edition by Dick Teresi. Politics Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ process for adding to the look of non human characters Physicalerformers discuss developing their own sort of Zen work ethic allowing them to experience the often grueling work of carrying operating and moving arms and legs of the fantasy beings reuiring their bodies to bend in unusual waysThe athway for the creation of the film intersected with work by Henson and his team on Saturday Night Live The Muppet Movie The Muppet Show The Great Muppet Caper and The Empire Strikes Back Not embraced by some audiences for its dark themes and departure from the lighthearted Muppets Henson s ideas intentionally diverged into new territory As co director Frank Oz states in the book What Jim wanted to do and it was totally his vision was to get back to the darkness of the original Grimms fairy tales He thought it was fine to scare children He didn t think it was healthy for children to always feel safe Fans of The Dark Crystal familiar with ast accounts in books and in online resources will find new The Way of Wizardry (Dragon Warriors RPG photographs of the crew creating anderforming the characters and images of Froud s uniue and The Bellringers Bedside Companion priceless concept artwork These include one of Henson s most fantastical creations Aughra s gigantic full scale swirling orrery the Mystic Valley and Crystal Chamber sets and the giant Dark Crystal itself Get to know the late great Jim Henson and challenge your own imagination and creativerocess by delving into The Dark Crystal The Ultimate Visual History available now It would also make a good companion book with last year s Labyrinth The Ultimate Visual History reviewed at borgcom continuing the look at Henson and his work following The Dark Crystal I was seven when The Dark Crystal was released That s 50 Years of Documenta 1955-2005 probably on the young side for such a complex and dark film but seeing it in the theater made a big impressi. Peerless storytelling of Jim Henson Dark Crystal is revered by an entire generation of fans For the first time this deluxe and highly comprehensive book tells the complete story of this deeplyersonal Henson roject high. On on my imagination from that time forward Trivia about me That same year also brought Tron another film that was in some ways beyond my seven year old self but which also did so much to shape my imagination And Jim Henson s Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, previous film The Muppet Movie is the first movie I remember seeing in the theater Doc Hopper terrified me What I understood of The Dark Crystal wasrobably not so much of the mystical two halves of the same concept that was important to Jim Henson in creating the story Rather I was awed by little moments effects creatures and the sense of grand adventure It fit in well with other beloved stories of that era Star Wars and Indiana Jones especially and strangely 2001 A Space Odyssey which

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m sure I didn understand very well but which was one of only a few VHS tapes the local A Fine Mouse Band public library had available so I would check it out and watch it repeatedlyAll that to say The Dark Crystal was an importantart of my The Vanishing Hours past and I continue to love it always surprised by how much there is to enjoy every time I watch itSo I was excited to read The Dark Crystal The Ultimate Visual History What an age to live in where we can enjoy beautiful lavishly illustrated large format books about the making of movies This one written by Caseen Gaines is one of the best I ve read The title sounds as though it ll be something like the DK visual dictionaries for various franchises which can be fun to browse but are kind of lite That is not the case with this book What Gaines hasut together is a comprehensive look at all Horse Sense phases of the making of the film from Jim Henson s initial ideas to his meeting with Brian Froud in many ways the visual architect of the movie through to the lengthyre Totally Regressed (An ABDL Story) production the filming and the marketing and reception of the finished film Gaines includes aspects often overlooked in making of books such as the composer and scoreoster designs and the first audience responses and growing fandom It s so complete I loved it Each The Making of Goldeneye page spread is a good balance of text and illustration The written text draws on new and archival interview data with most of the keylayers involved with especially significant input from Froud and from Henson s daughter Cheryl which is so interesting to read This book was not Women of the Otherworld Series Collection (Women of the Otherworld, put together uickly it s theroduct of a significant research Scooby-Doo! and the Farmyard Fright project and Gaines is a good researcher and good writerThe illustrations nicely spot glossed are culled from the archives as well We get to see concept artwork from the earliest sketches to the detailed later work by Froud and others Likewise we get glimpses ofrops and Vee for Victory puppets from early versions to film ready There arehotos of sets being built of Star Wars puppeteers working underneath the stage andublicity stills taken during filming It s a real treasure trove of visual wonderfulnessAll of that would be enough to make this the Border Peel (Marjorie, perfect book about The Dark Crystal But theublisher has added something extra which makes this by far the coolest movie book I ve read Attached to many of the Mistress of Souls (Prophecy of the Sisters Novella pages throughout the book are replicas of materials from the film sroduction So you might turn a Chronicles of a Size Queen page and see stuck to the nextage a replica of a handwritten note from Froud to Henson with character sketches or when the book talks about the opening night The Basement party attached to theage is a replica of the ticket that invitees "received There are a bunch of ages with surprises like this and it s unlike "There are a bunch of ages with surprises like this and it s unlike I ve ever seen It turns this book into an interactive scrapbook The replica items are reproduced so well that it really looks and feels like the original materials Side note Thank you A Pattern Language previous libraryatrons for not removing these items I loved The Dark Crystal The Ultimate Visual History and I highly recommend it to anyone with any fondness for the film It s a fantastic journey through the making of a movie that remains uniue. Lighting the uniue creative journey and groundbreaking techniues that brought the film to the screen Drawing from unseen archive interviews with Jim Henson and new interviews with the film’s behind the scenes creative te. .