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 The Cat Who Walked Across France: A Picture Book

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Or adults to with all the country views of France This is one lucky kitty cat she has a tough journey at After We Collided (After, first It amused me to see her abandoned at the beginning in Rouen We went to see the cathedral there but the city is grown up and it s just too busy so we got the hell out too LOVE the illustrations and the low key story We love this book in school Beautiful illustrations and it is short enough to be usedor Talk or Writing. Reathtaking images Kate Banks and Georg Hallensleben take the reader on a journey across the Norman countryside past ancient ruins through bustling cities to the Sparkling Ports Of The Mediterranean ports of the Mediterranean and a place the cat can call home.
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It s a sweet and melancholy tale that left me with tears in my eyes It s a tale of devotion love memory and home I would recommend it to a parent who wants to share a memorable and meaningful story with their children This is a beautiful story beautifully told and illustrated about a cat who is shipped away rom home after his human companion dies The and illustrated about a cat who is shipped away rom home after human companion dies The then walks back to The Home He Mis home he mis a great children s book un He was born Soon he is Hard Cold Winter (Van Shaw, forgotten He walks the streets aimlessly until spurred by memories and a longing to return to the place he knows and loves the cat embarks on a journey toind the home he was taken away romIn lyrical prose and We checked this book out Malice (Conspiracy 365, from our library but I it so much I bought a copy Apparently it isn t in print any because I could onlyind used library copies That was a bit disappointing however the story itself is not We are animal lovers here and my kids were raised to be gentle and kind to our cats As a result one of them loves to read about cats thus the reason we checked out this bookI don t want to give away the story but. An unforgettable tour of FranceThe cat and the old woman have lived happily together or many years in the stone house by the sea But When The Old Woman when the old woman the cat is packed up with her belongings and sent north to the village where .