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Plain why they were taking the Soulspear Which becomes slightly obvious as it turns out that the main Adept is just THAT kind of assholeNow I know I have already been praising the way that the author writes his 40K but this bit is what made me love this book than some of the others I have read When the Soul Drinkers HAD A LITTLE BIT OF A TUFFLE WITH THE a little bit of a tuffle with the mech guy Mr Counter really showed what it meant to be one of the Emperor s finest The kill ration was legendary and getting to read it happen was a true blessing from Khorne himselfThe aftermath of said tuffle was great only I wish we had been able to touch on the Chapter Wars a little after Sarpedon had become the Chapter Master It really added to the realism of the novel that not EVERY Soul Drinker was all for following him to the nds of the Warp and suchNow one part of this book that will probably stay with me forever was the destruction of their own ships when they had taken to their new home I don t know why but I just felt an Slavery Reborn extreme sadness for the chapter They lived on that fleet since their conception at thend of the Horus Heresy and now all of those grand ships are lost It brought an oily tear to the Adeptus Mechanicus lover in me and that was uickly healed due to how amazing their new home was Mr Counter could have written a novel about the damn Space Hulk and I still would have loved it It was interesting getting to see one of those huge ominous structures work for humanityNow this review is already too long for my tastes but I will leave with saying that Ben Counter s description of ChaosReally dark and brutal but truly WEIRD too is one of the best I have ver read too is one of the best I have ver read of ChaosReally dark and brutal but truly WEIRD too is one of the best I have Life Leverage ever read The half of the novel was pure joy getting to finally read a good Nurgle based antagonist One last thing Sarpedon s denial of the Architect of Fate was amazing and I lovedvery word but doesn t Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? every Space Marine at least know the slang terms for the Chaos GodsI mean Architect of Fate is so blatantly Tzeentch it is like they wouldn t recognize the term Blood GoditherAnyways amazing read Not perfect but DAMN CLOSE. Is forced to make an impossible choice between remaining loyal to the Emperor of Mankind and being true to themselve. ,

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Space Marines do not look before they leap To be blunt Space Marines that Space Marines do not look before they leap To be blunt Space Marines genetic heirs to The Emperor of Mankind can be pretty damn stupidThis is the first book in the Soul Drinker saga a 6 book xploration of the Adeptus Astartes complete lack
Of Self Reflection I Accidentally 
self reflection I accidentally the last book in the saga first as it was serialized in Hammer and Bolter s 1st year which severely ruined this book for me They are Space was serialized in Hammer and Bolter s 1st year which severely ruined this book for me They are Space yes but not yet the heroes I know they can beI ll give you an xample to answer for his crimes Sarpedon Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World engages Chapter Master Gorgoleon in an honor duel During the duel Sarpedon transforms into a spider centaur and rips Gorgoleon in two Anyone withven an ounce of sense would realize that the powers of Chaos have hideously mutated Sarpedon but his reaction is I have been blessed with great strength by The EmperorBen Counter gives The Infinite Air everyone a backstory Everyone It s jarring at first to read about someone s preparations and motivations only to see themviscerated a few pages later This is how he keeps you turning pages you have no idea whatsoever who will die next Of course with so many factions jockeying for position rather than trying to communicate shared goals the real uestion is who will surviveIf I had read this book first I m not sure I would ve bothered with the rest But before I was introduced to this series it never The Spill even occured to me that traitor and renegade need not mean the same thing Persevere and your reward will be great Ben Counter does Chaos right just when you think he has crossed a line of gross or disturbing he crosses another He also does Space Marines right as well Solid action and good characters check it out Soul Drinker isn t great writing but it s not terribleither As a background story for Games Workshop s Warhammer 40000 game it does its job It s hard to say how it would read to someone not familiar with the game but I suspect it might be uite confusing I also thought there wasn t much difference between the characters But overall it was fairly nte. The human Imperium is in a perpetual state of war against alien aggressors but the lines between humanity's defenders. ,
Rtaining Hey at least I finished it I usually like Ben s work but this is a hot mess Often incoherent it felt like a first draft The one place it xcels is in the descriptions of battle Ben is terrific at this and this arly on in his 40k work he can stand out at times It didn t make the book good unfortunately So I Am Focusing On Purely The Story S Content For am focusing on purely the story s content for review and will focus on verything when I review the omnibus when I finish itThe story was amazing to put it simply I have read some of Ben Counters work in my reading career but none of his work that I have read thus far can match just this one Soul Drinkers novel I don t want that to sound like I don t like his other work as it is uite the opposite I How To Win At Casino Gambling enjoyed what I have read of his HH releases and I liked what I read from the Grey Knights seriesI also am dying for a copy of Daemon World simply because it is Mr Counter detailing Chaos but the story of the Soul Drinkers is a truly sad one and while it was sad I felt such hope and pride for the characters I was reading about that it has almost never been matched in anythinglse I have readThe beginning of the novel was fantastic We start off with a fast paced ship to ship boarding action staring the Soul Drinkers and it just so happens they xcel at boarding actions One thing that I find with a lot of 40K fiction is that while faction is supposed to be the best at the authors sometimes struggle to show that they really are the best of the best when it comes to that certain thing That is most definitely NOT the case with the Soul Drinkers As much as I love the Emperor s Children the Raven Guard and others Mr Counter really
Drove Home In A Natural 
home in a natural that the Soul Drinkers were most at home when they were balls deep in an nemy ship with no way to go but forwardsNow with the theft of the Soulspear things take a wrong turn and I mean with the plot and with my own understanding Plot wise that is when things start going downhill for the Imperium s corrupt lackeys and for my own understanding Why didn t the Adpetus Mechanicus not simply When Not to Build ex. Andnemies are blurred Now on a mission to retrieve an ancient relic the Soul Drinkers Chapter of the Space Marines. .
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Soul Drinker