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Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition hAnd Shoot Left 32320096 Under the Cloth An essay about the dual photography of McPhee s daughter Laura I just ordered a couple ofer books on and Virginia Beahan a formversion of this essay originally appeared as an afterword in their book of photographs titled No Ordinary Land Encounters in a Changing Environment I was Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) happy to see that Ariel Katz iner wonderful essay Photography and Language in John McPhee s Under the Cloth came away with the same impression I did earlier and above in my lead uote by Laura or Virginia The way McPhee structures Life by Committee his essay mirrorsis subject matter much of the dialogue in the essay much of the dialogue in the essay t attributed to either photographer giving their words the of aving emerged at times as a chorus from inside the camera with which work Although they making visual language as McPhee observes is key to their collaboration He writes Neither one is esitant with words In the span of their work together words by the tens of thousands in every conceivable category The Keeper of the Jackalopes have been muffled by the dark cloth 7 My Life List 9320078 Checkpoints 2920099 Rip Van Golfer 86200710 Nowheres A touching and brief concluding essay on the beauty of New Jersy McPhee someAnyway you can read 610 of essays and probably 810 of the text directly from the New Yorker if you don t run out of free views I did just checking for this essay or you can subscribe I will next year or you can just buy the damn book from FSG It really was a delight on a day of delights Thanksgiving I am grateful every year for John McPhee The amazing thing about John McPhee is that End Product he canold one s attention even when the subject matter is not otherwise interesting The longest essays in Silk Parachute are about lacrosse and golf neither of which sports is to my taste Yet the great mass of details The Language of Love he presents somehow make the reader wonder what s next That is no mean talentTo date Iave read a dozen of McPhee s books and I m not finished yet Two delightful long essays and 8 short ones that simply tantalize Season on the Chalk compresses The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy history and geology of chalk in England and continental Europe in a fine thread with surprising people and events from the Romans who build much with chalk to modern champaign arbors which depend on chalkolding water Spin Right and Shoot Left is a fun ride on the Quran Made Easy history of lacrosse Like a good chef McPhee makes a reliably good dish out of available ingredients atand making a lie out of any initial perspective that you know nothing about and care little about lacrosse Started by the Iriuois Nations in the 19th century Apro dnatoire how was it that it was adopted first by Ivy League and prep schools then moved tootbeds Balti Long Island and Colorado then grew exponentially Between 2007 and 2009 600 new public igh schools adopted the sport Read and learn about ow it Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life has affinity with basketball than any other sport Not as good as the best McPhee but still better than most writing fiction or non fiction Checkpoints about New Yorker magazine fact checkers made me laugh out loud Read it Given the way things are these days even a single laugh should be pursued for all it s worth My Life List about unusual thingse as eaten while doing the journalism thing was also amusingMcPhee is a loving grandfather now I m the sort of big grump who d rather read about the Swiss Army oranges or nuclear physics than a description of someone s adorable moppet of a grandchild so these moments ad limited interest to me But I thought the one about Maths Made Easy Times Tables Ages 5-7 Key Stage 1 his daughter who for some reason lugs around a really old school camera the type you peer through under a black drape was pretty interesting Worth getting out of the library and picking up from time to time John McPhee is a wonderful writer In this collection of essayse takes us on tours of the chalky Cretaceous deposits that underly the English Channel and spans Southern England and Northern France the istory and emerging popularity of lacrosse the painstaking process of capturing images with a Deardorff camera and the thorough nature of the New Yorker fact checking team to name a few The uniting factor in these essays is McPhee s plain and elegant prose He as a marvelous way of leading the reader patiently down into the weeds of whatever topic Fetish Affaire heas chosen and once Lives of Notorious Cooks he is down there teaching you something I didn t give this collection aigh rating because unlike Coming Into the Country it ad no thematic through line Silk Parachute is a collection of random essays from the New Yorker and they are each insularly delightful but do not really make an impression as a whole unless you are student of McPhee s style But for this alone I would recommend the book McPhee is a good reminder that you don t ave to do anything fancy to write with poise and beauty. Is mother deliberately overturns canoes in a learning process at a summer camp and germinates a future book while riding on a jump seat to away games as a basketball player But each piece on whatever theme contains somewhere a personal aspect in which McPhee suggests why e was attracted to write about the subject and each opens like a silk parachute lofted skyward and suddenly blossoming with color and for. ,
Silk ParachuteThis is the cool stuff that they don t teach in school Rattlesnakes for all their evolutionary perfection are not the brightest creatures If t teach in school Rattlesnakes for all their evolutionary perfection are not the brightest creatures If line of people walks past a rattlesnake it aims at the first person strikes at the second and فرهنگ معاصر پویا/ انگلیسی-فارسی-دو جلد در یک جلد hits the third In the way that a placer miner can look at a nugget and say what stream it came from a lacrosse coach can watch an unknown player for a while and write downis T-Force home address The performance enhancing food for Olympic marathoners and such is Vespa mandarinia japonica actually syntheticornet juice but what our author calls bee spit The Japanese giant ornet flies #ABOUT A HUNDRED KILOMETERS A DAY # a undred kilometers a day but not digesting small insects which it carries ome in globular form to feed its larvae The juice that goes for the gold is in the larvae While the adult feeds *the larvae the larvae reciprocate with fresh juice a blend of seventeen amino acids If you re not a marathoner *larvae the larvae reciprocate with fresh juice a blend of seventeen amino acids If you re not a marathoner such you can sit on the sofa drink the bee spit and are guaranteed to lose weight The worst checking error for a magazine fact checker is calling people dead who are not dead It really annoys them McPhee uotes one fact checker He tells the story of one reader in a nursing ome who read in The New Yorker that Strange Weather he was the the late reader in a nursingome He called demanding a correction The magazine complied of course in its next issue inadvertently doubling the error because the reader died over the weekend while the magazine was being printed Glaciation Its Only a Game has replaced an asteroid or volcano as the leading theory for the cause of the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaursYou wouldave thought that McPhee s essay about the US Open played at Oakmont Country Club would be my favorite but I preferred reading about exotic foods lacrosse the tunnels in the Maastrichtian chalk where Rembrandt s The Night Watch sat out World War II I liked reading about the fact checkers the most This is something you either get or you don t Like if an author writes the phrase Penn s daughter Margaret the fact checker s challenge becomes whether to put commas around Margaret or not put commas around Margaret In other words did William Penn The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert have one or daughters Margaret one of Penn s several daughters went into the book without commasWith every essay I thought He would like this or Sheas to read this Let me scroll down my list of GR friends and look and see if there s anyone who would be as delighted as I wasreading an essay about commas When I was a magazine editor I always eld up McPhee as a model for my writers Find a subject that asn t been overdone I would say then research the Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, hell out of it and write about it beautifully Easier said than done of course McPhee is the master of the gee whiz article the one that tells you all sorts of stuff that you didn t know you didn t know or that you are fascinated to find out about Granted even I didn t want to know as much about the Swiss army as McPhee decided to tellis New Yorker readers And maybe McPhee got too fascinated by geology leaving some of us wishing for stuff like Oranges or The Pine Barrens And maybe Tracy Kidder Ownership and Possession has lately been leaving McPhee in the dust But I don t know anyone who writes better prose fiction or non fiction The prose is still good in this volume but it s on the whole disappointing What strikes me most especially about the longer pieces in the book is the lack of structure in McPhee s essays In Season on the Chalke The Harvest Murder hops about from place to place in England and France with only the loosest of transitionse lards Spin Right and Shoot Left with lists and catalogs such as the roster of fifty three colleges that sent coaches to an exhibition of potential varsity lacrosse players Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) his piece on the US Open golf tournament Rip Van Golfer is distractingly scattered among observations of place observations of players and observations ofimself as observer It doesn t The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) help that Iave little interest in either lacrosse or golf but McPhee used to be able to Magic in the North hold my interest in even things that I wouldn t be inclined to read about Still no magazine writer that I know of finds curious and illuminating things to say about whatevere writes about I just wish for an editor that would prune Imagining Gay Paradise his excesses A friend mentioned this book back in March saying she d read a review of it that madeer think she d like it and wondering if I d König der Welten 1 heard of McPhee Sincee writes for the New Yorker and I m one of those New Yorker subscribers who reads every single article even if it doesn t immediately seem to be about something I m interested in I figured I must Love, and Other Things to Live For have readis work but still couldn t place Treasure Trail / The Crimson Phoenix / Model Murder (The Shadow, his name Then I looked in the New Yorker s digital archive and realizede d written a 2007 piece called Season on the Chalk about the ch. A WONDROUS NEW BOOK OF MCPHEE'S PROSE PIECES IN MANY ASPECTS HIS MOST PERSONAL IN FOUR DECADES The brief brilliant essay Silk Parachute which first appeared in The New Yorker a decade ago Vanity Bagh has become John McPhee's most anthologized piece of writing In the nine other piecesere ighly varied in length and theme McPhee ranges with is characteristic umor and intensity through lacrosse long exposure view came. ,

Alk landscapes of Europe including bits about geology and wine making and WWII istory which I d entirely forgotten about until I saw it there But once I eard the title I remembered liking it so much I tore the whole thing out of the magazine and kept it for a while because it was just so good Here s the start of that essay which is included in this bookThe massive chalk of Europe lies below the English Channel under much of northern France under bits of Germany and Scandinavia under the Limburg Province of the Netherlands and from Erith Reach to Gravesend UNDER FIFTEEN MILES OF THE LOWER THAMES MY GRANDSON fifteen miles of the lower Thames My grandson appears out of somewhere and picks up a cobble from the bottom of the Thames The
Tide Is Out The 
is out The are broad between the bank and the water Small boats canted are at rest on the riverbed Others farther out on the wide river are moored afloat skiffs sloops a yawl or two Tommaso is ten The rock in is Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems hand is large but light He breaks it against the revetment bordering the Gordon Promenade in the Riverside Leisure Area with benches and lawns under oaks and chestnuts prams and children picnics under way newspapers spread like sails and far up the bank a stall selling ice cream He cracks the cobble into jagged pieces which are whiter than snow Chalked graffiti line the revetment andave attracted the attention of Tommaso who now starts Keys to inner space his own with the letter R p 9I love that so much the pace of it the way it sets the scene I love this whole essay for the way it s about landscapeplace the way it mingles broadistorical fact with personal experience I love Winner Takes All how wonderfully precise McPhee can be with sentences like this An armada of swans in single file swims out from near the shore and toward the center of the river thirty eight swans p 10 And while others of McPhee s essays don t excite me uite as much I still admire the waye writes the care and pleasure it seems Registers of Illuminated Villages he takes in it whethere s writing about Ping-pong his mother or canoeing or eating unusual meats puffin weasel bear or lacrosseYes I sometimes wished that particular essay which is 58 pages wouldurry up and be done already but that s a comment on my tastes than on McPhee s writing And when I did finish the essay on lacrosse moving on to an essay about antiue view camerashis daughter s photographic collaborations with Virginia Beahan really pleasing landscapes like this and this I forgot my boredom and was delighted all over again by the McPhee s particular mix of description and detail and Caleb the Overcomer humor Also really pleasing an essay about unusual foods an essay about fact checking that s in large part a paean to fact checkers I just love McPhee I found myself reading a long essay on lacrosse with deep almost emotional interest And lacrosseas never appealed to me before That s what great writing can doBut my favorite pieces are two short memoir type essays one on canoeing and one the title essayI fervently Firmin hope Mr McPhee never dies My first complete McPhee and this was fun Narrative non fiction slowly meticulously almost wondrously crafted You can feel it in the rhythm of the words sometimes A couple of pieces in Silk Parachute are suibs but the two long pieces on Lacrosse and Golf than make up for them Anyway there s a lot ofim to read and this one may be a good start It s a landscape with the aspect of memoryLaura McPhee or Virginia Beahan talking about the landscape around Trenton NJ I m not sure who exactly is being uoted it might be a slight narrative allusion to the title and subject of this essay and McPhee is playing with the reader a bit in Under the Cloth by John McPheeI bought this book almost 8 years ago I m not sure why I didn t read it in 2010 It was shelved next to the remaining 8 9 McPhee books I Mobilizing Minds haven t read and not forgotten just posponed Well I jumped back into reading McPhee again I can t sip McPheee is best consumed in large uantities until exhausted I was sent a copy of The Building Accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-18 his most recent book of essays The Patch And it got me rolling again I want to finish catch up complete McPhee beforee is 90 March 8 2021 So I need to get to work again The book consists of several six essays that appeared in the New Yorker no surprise to ANYONE the least bit familiar with either the New Yorker or McPhee It also begins and ends with short essays and also includes a couple essays not found outside this book that I can find1 Silk Parachute A short beautiful introductory essay about But That I Cant Believe! his mother and childhood2 Season on the Chalk 31220073 Swimming with Canoes 81019984 Warming the Jump Seat A short essay about writing about Mr Boydeneadmaster of Deerfield Academy profiled in two articles in the New Yorker in 1966 and eventually put into a book published by FSG titled The Headmaster Frank L Boyden of Deerfield 5 Spin Right. Ra photography the weird foods Grange-Enders heas sometimes been served in the course of Boku Loli! 2 his reportorial travels a US Open golf championship and a season in Europe on the chalk from the downs and sea cliffs of England to the Maas valley in the Netherlands and the champagne country of northern France Some of the pieces are wholly personal In luminous recollections ofis early years for example e goes on outings with ,

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