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Stacles while they pull together to trail drive their cattle to market from Texas across the Red River to Kansas The stakes are high when a hard nosed banker LOANS NEEDED MONEY FOR THE DRIVE needed money for the drive reuiring the Garth ranch home as collateral Unsure who to trust The Garths and their cowboys forge ahead facing utlaws stampedes floods storms death and fire along the trail Memories from previous encounters and challenges along the trail haunt and torment Garth and his cowboys Mathew s wife Tess is a strong willed participant along with his sons Tom and Lightning Hopefully the sons appear in with his sons Tom and Lightning Hopefully the sons appear in stories #by boggs a talented journalist and author johnny #Boggs a talented journalist and author Johnny Boggs a contemporary author preserves western spirit and history through his authentic portrayal and insightful writing Some might find it audacious for Johnny D Boggs to write a seuel to Red River the classic 1948 film starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift Actually he has written a seuel to the book that it was based Real-Life BPMN on and it s a solidld fashioned Western that could have been written in 1948The book picks up with Matthew Garth who was played by Clift as he manages the ranch he inherited from Thomas Dunson who was played by Wayne It s twenty years later He married Tess Millay the prostitute although that word isn t used in the film A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION or in this book and has two sons Lightning and Tom The secret is that Lightning is not their natural sonGarth like Dunson twenty years later is shortn cash and has to dri. And adopted by Red River hero Thomas Dunson Twenty years later Matt has two strapping sons The Obvious of hiswn and is undertaking a desperate cattle drive from Texas to Dodge City the new ueen f frontier cattle towns While the deadly dangers f storms and rustlers gather around them an act f passion and viol. Excellent book I can see why it won Spur Award What a rideAuthor Johnny Boggs spins a yarn that starts building with page 1 and snowballs to the exciting climax The last f it kept me #Up Well Past My Bed Time Authentic #well past my bed time Authentic and fast moving this is as good as it gets for lovers Generation of stories set in the Old West A terrific read Return to Red River is a rugged tale searing and engagingRed River the 1948 film starring John Wayne was basedn Borden Chase s novel that was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post But there are some significant differences between the film and Chase s novel in particular who s left standing at the conclusion f each However we discover all that Chase had told before as Boggs tells a new story with Mathew Garth leading a cattle drive to try to save the ranch he and Thomas Dunson started twenty years earlierThere are torrential storms and vicious rustlers and dangerous river crossings along with some clever #Twists And Some Truly Unexpected #and some truly unexpected all told with an authority f authenticity Return To Red River follows up Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girls Heart on Borden Chase s novel Red River 1948 and the movief the same name staring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift Without yet reading the first book Pirate Gold or seeing the movie I reliedn the lengthy beginning narrative to fill in characters and details about time and place Once The Heart of Cool oriented the reader is rewarded with raw authentic western action throughout the novel Mathew Garth and his family face a stringf dangerous Minotaur Lust ob. Red River isne f the greatest westerns ever told a novel that that became the classic John Wayne movie in 1948 Now award winning Johnny D Boggs presents a powerful seuel destined to be a Western masterpiece in its wn right Return To Red RiverMatthew Garth was rphaned in a savage wagon train ambush. Ve his cattle across the Red River and into Kansas The book Takes A Little Too Long a little too long this up I think the drive starts about halfway into the action Longhorns Some f these no probably almost every last ne f them a descendant The Way of Wizardry (Dragon Warriors RPG of the first cattle brought to Mexico by Gregorio de Villalobos back in 1591 after Christopher Columbus had deposited some in Santo Domingo back in 1494 Around 1690 a herd numbering roughly two hundred had been trailed to a Texas mission near the Sabine River Now Mathew Garth had to get these cattle to Dodge City Kansas This kindf stentorian prose and research is to reading like macaroni and cheese is to food It s not great but it s comforting #ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO LIKE OLD #to those who like The Bellringers Bedside Companion old cattle drivef course is fraught with danger a stampede a fire and someone following them It may be Jess Teveler wanted by the Texas Rangers and who has something against the Garths The ending provides the traditional showdown and gunplayEvery 50 Years of Documenta 1955-2005 once in a while a read like this is a great switch from literary fiction Boggs is clearly a studentf this genre And any book that can have a passage like this is fine with me For than five weeks they had been wet and they had been dry Baking underneath a broiling sun Make Ink: A Foragers Guide to Natural Inkmaking or freezing in their soaking clothes after a cold rain Mostly they had been bone tired aching miserable Awake before sunrise then in a saddle till noon a uick bitef food washed down with coffee a fresh horse and back in the saddle. Ence from within the drive and from within the Garth family leaves Matt fighting for his life close to where his father was buried by the Red River When Matt gets back up he must finish the drive and fight his worst enemies and even his Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao own blood kin before it ends in a battlef guns tears and justice. .

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