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Ray RyanEcstatic to learn that this was the Aiden Riley s first novel because it truly doesn t feel like it Ray Ryan is a great story and the main character actually reminds me a lot of myself while growing up Like him I too aspired to be a writer one day so I found his character to be completely relatable My favorite aspect of the book was how Ray Ryan speaks directly to the reader It really pulled me in and made me feel for this guy He faces a lot of trials and tribulations during his journey like many of us do and it was interesting to read how he dealt with them and I was always finding myself eagerly waiting to read what would happen next I love the development of the characters and I "felt like they were truly authentic which is probably why I "like they were truly authentic which is probably why I this in just a couple of sittings Well developed characters are always one of the main characteristics of a great book in my humble opinion Aiden Riley writes with a keen eye Ray Ryan from 11 ears old to adulthood will fascinate the mind and lure the reading in to want Once the reader is *In You Will Be Compelled *you will be compelled read on I read this novel all the way to the end which is something I rarely do Being such a critical reader if the plot does not show the proper ARC or Point of View I stop reading Not the case with Ray Ryan From Mr Coleman when Ray was 11 Clue by Clue years old to his days when tears splashed off of Terry s photo Aiden describes his character in detail Tense uneasy nervous all these emotions ran down to my hands tensing them making them grip the steering wheel This type of writing embraces the reader as the pages turn easily and effectively The narrative comes to a gripping end in which all the characters come together in a cadre of compliance positive relationships and support I especially liked the last paragraph that went something like this Life goes on and I m not going to forget where I came fromthankou now for listening to my storyfollow Enticed By You (by You, your dreams Aiden put so much time and effort into the detail of the story the characters and the plot The surprises come uickly and in the appropriate time in the novel and the climax ends perfectly I strongly recommend Ray Ryan by Riley Purchase it read it and I am sureou too will find the book and entertaining read After delving into Ray Ryan I found myself comparing it to the book Lionel Asbo There were similarities between Ray Ryan of the former and Desmond Pepperdine of the latter Both experienced a challenging upbringing where key family members were absent Desmond s parents were gone while Ray s father was mostly absent And both had negative external influences that actually made them better individuals Des uncle Lionel consistently presented obstacles to his nephew s evolution while Ray s dad drags the son into some extracurricular activities that threaten to get the ounger man locked up Most importantly they both share an idea of triumph in adversity a common theme many can relate to Ray grows both share an idea of triumph in adversity a common theme many can relate to Ray grows in a working class family where his father s involvement is minimal et detrimental The little boy lacks the guidance a Firing Schedules for Glass - The Kiln Companion young man needs as he grows and matureset he finds peers who facilitate the moral compass that he eventually gains Naturally girls come into the picture and Ray must discover which woman is most instrumental in developing who he is Naturally drawn to the art of literature Ray navigates his life by paying close attention to the stories that friends and family have to tell At a pivotal point he attempts to reconcile a relationship with his father only to be drawn into a dark w Ray Ryan is a great drama telling of the tribulations of a Adam and the Ants young man growing up in Nottingham England with the dream of becoming a writer Far from the dull reality of sitting at a desk scribbling and tearing out strands of hair the protagonist finds himself facing unexpected obstacles and dangerous enemies There is a gritty feel to the story Ange The road to happiness is a rough one and it becomes even harder to traverse when the peopleou care about have lost their way Tense and surprising Ray Ry. .

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Nd the profanity in the dialogue helps set the tone perfectly The events are complex and unlikely Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors yet plausible enough to suspend disbelief as the author takes the reader on one hell of a rollercoasterAs aoung man who grew up in a tough neighbourhood in the UK I found this book to be very identifiable When Riley described Ryan as the smallest kid in a scary school when he depicted the re emergence of a deadbeat dad I felt like he was describing my life and from then on I was captivated Riley has captured a contradictory sense of desolation and optimism that made my heart ache at the thought of my own dreams that never came to fruitionRay Ryan is a fantastic protagonist and the first person narrative helps to pull the reader in making events that much dramatic and personal There are moments that are disturbing in very true to life manner but there are also moments of overcoming despair I felt drained et uplifted upon completion And I have not stopped thinking about the book since I finishedIf I am to criticise this book I would first draw attention to the grammar it is not bad but shows inexperience on
the author s 
author s The writing could also do with some polish there is waffle that could be trimmed and lengthy paragraphs that could be broken up A good editor would certainly help The writing is otherwise to a good standard and this book falls into the easy read category in terms of style if not in subject matterOverall it is a very good effort from someone I understand to be a debut novelist With experience Riley is only going to get better and I await his next effort with real interest I received this book free for review from the Author in exchange for an honest review Despite the privilege of receiving a free book I m absolutely candid about it below because I believe authors and readers will benefit most from honest reviews rather than vacuous 5 star reviewsThe two second summary of this is that it is essentially a biographical sketch of the main character from childhood through early adulthood Each chapter section is a ear starting with 1994 and extending to 2022 During this time he deals with an abusive father the standard childhood enemies and drug dealing thugs The story isn t terribly original and one wonders if on some level it s not an embellished autobiography but I have no basis for that proposition except that the author is from the same town as his protagonistTo no basis for that proposition except that the author is from the same town as his protagonistTo positive the author has laid out in great detail a life in Nottingham It feels very much like a life that could have been lived by a real person at least the first bit The characters are vividly rendered and the reader can certainly sympathize with their situationsTo the negative realism is all well and good unless the story becomes painfully bogged down by it The text is full of what seems to be irrelevant detail that doesn t really add to the story but instead distracts from it The story does eventually pick up but by the time it did I was just tired of reading every intricate tidbit of the hero s life Further the author s writing style is passable but it seems to be comprised largely of Yoda speak in which verb and subject switched they are This is tolerable but does eventually become rather a painful distractionIn summary I don t really have a target audience that I would suggest this to except those who themselves have lived in this area and feel share they a parallel history It feels to me as if the author didn t uite "know what it was he wanted to write and instead just kept writing and writing and writing until something that seemed "what it was he wanted to write and instead just kept writing and writing and writing until something that seemed cooked came out on the other side As it turns out he seems to have written himself two books one an episode of The Wonder Years and another an Episode of CSI London PS I hope my review was helpful If it was not then please let me know what I left out that Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories you d want to know I always aim to improve. An tells the story of the joys and tragedies that beset oneoung man as he finds himself hurled violently into adulthood a tale of loss love and looking ahead. ,
Life sometimes derails us from our aspirationsand such is the case in Ray RyanExcept here it is a Blind Sided young lad whose career path is interrupted by a close friend who makes a bad decisionWhile this may not seem so out of the ordinary that it is aoung man who gets derailed it still makes one who gets derailed it still makes one journey difficultIn other words this diverted path could and does happen to many of usregardless of ageWhat made this story work for me was that I was vicariously part of the characters experience This is a gift of the author who has crafted a plot with likeable and realistic characters Ray Ryan was a very powerful book that moved me emotionally Our protagonist is defeated discouraged met with obstacles and we get to witness his experience first hand I think his perspective lent so much to the overall development of the story As a coming of age novel it managed to balance themes of nostalgia of IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) youth and being thrust into adulthood really well In a sense many of Ray Ryan s struggles are his own rites of passageAiden Riley composed his book with such finesse Ray Ryan is so well written It takesou through a whirlwind of experiences and forces Moobli you reminisce onour own saga as well I consider this to be one of my best highly recommended books Ray Ryan is a coming of age tale of a boy in Nottingham England Whose mom passes away right in front of him But wait it gets even FUNNIER I m kidding obviously Ray Ryan has aspirations of being a writer when he grows up This book wouldn t be interesting at all if everything went great for him however so the coming of age portion has him dealing with many different hardships peppered with some uplifting pointsThis book is a very thoughtful and emotional story which is exactly what The Secret Art of Great Conversation you want from a coming of age story It is a really well paced and very well written book especially ifou take into account the fact that this book is Aiden Riley s first novel I read this uicker than I was expecting to I was so invested in seeing how the characters stories played outOverall I enjoyed the book and will be on the lookout for Aiden s next projects Ray Ryan is a normal boy He dreams of being a writerI enjoyed how this story followed Ray Ryan s life by using Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam years instead of chapter numbers For example one chapter was titles 2001 and Ray describes his life and drama in thatear Ray lives in England This is Aiden Riley s first published book I was surprised by the emotional journey he takes us through It is narrated in a uniue way and very good for a first time author This book draws Digital Trust you in at the beginning and keepsour attention Each of the characters is uniue and different My favorite character was Anna Ray s girlfriend I liked Ray s description of her She was so pretty it was unbelievable how pretty she was and she was mine She was a little bit taller than me but I wasn t bothered I felt well on top of the world Overal I recommend this book Thumbs up This is one of those books Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes you read whenou are in the mood to be tested emotionally while also being entertained Definitely one of the best coming of age books I have readThis is one of those books On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, you read whenou are in the mood to be tested emotionally while also being entertained Definitely one of the best coming of age books I have readIt is about a boy Ray Ryan who has aspirations of becoming a writer Unfortunately some bad decisions made by his best friend Kevin turn his life upside down will he be his life upside down Will he be to fulfill his dreams or will he be another victim of what is commonly referred to as lifeThis is a very character driven novel When it is over ou will feel like ou just got punched in the gut and lost several good friends You will probably consider starting it over immediately Or maybe that s just meIt will definitely make The Three Elizabeths you stop and think and it might even causeou to shed a few tearsI loved it First I just have to say I LOVE this book I was. Ray Ryan is a normal boy growing up in Nottingham dreaming of becoming a writer but one day his best friend makes some dangerous enemies and things begin to ch.