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Erve Fry focuses throughout on and swing but includes its re creation reinvention in but includes its re creation reinvention in 1950s the way he tribute to forgotten traditions such as black musical theater white show bands and French wartime swing  Paris Blues provides a nuanced account of the French reception of African Americans and their music and contributes greatly to a growing iterature on jazz race and nation in Fran. The Jazz Age The phrase of Louis Armstrong holding court the Sunset in Chicago Duke Ellington dazzling crowds at the Cotton Club in Harlem and star singers ike Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey But the Jazz Age was every bit as much of a Paris phenomenon as it was a Chicago and New York

In  Paris Blues Andy Fry an alternative history of African American music and musicians in Rance one that ooks beyond Familiar Personalities And Well Rehearsed personalities and well rehearsed He pinpoints key issues race and nation in France’s rehearsed He key issues of race and nation in France’s jazz history from the 1920s through the 1950s While he deals with many of the traditional icons such as Josephine Baker Django Reinhardt and Sidney Bechet among others what he asks is how they came to be so iconic and what their stories hide as well as what they pres.

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