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Characters much I couldn t stand that Harris and Jeremy were supposedly friends from youth group but they are not all like the people I know who attend youth groups on a regular basis Melanie was static merely that girl who was mysteriously injured from the accident Though realistic Jeremy s escent into madness Period Power didn t inspire sympathy or pity in me in fact I found it comical He was such aamn hindrance to everyone s survival I just couldn t even stand it Reyna was Biblical Standard for Evangelists decent and basically the only one who remained fairly level headed because she seemed to be that type of person the take charge type I couldn t stand Courtney Not the tiniest bit And honestly I m not sure if I ever be able to tell you why Just because she is the main character oes not mean she needs to lack a personality She cusses she worries and she fears for her friends That s really it I wouldn t be able to classify her as cruel or nice or intelligent simply because she was all over the place Compassionate maybe but ultimately she coerced her friends into helping JG because she idn t want other convicts to find him and subseuently themWhat bothered me most would have to be her inexplicable thoughts regarding such inconseuential things when their situation was so Jesus Calling dire Courtney worries about whether Jeremy likes her back has a bout of jealousy regarding Jeremy s crush on Reyna and she worries aboutying a virgin From a speculative point of view I find it hard to believe she would find these things so significant when her life is in such serious Ebeles Favourite danger Her thoughts of her family and school make perfect sense with trying toetach herself from a harsh reality and worrying how her eath would affect her parents but her foolish thoughts of I on t want to The Quiet Front die without ever having sex or Ion t want to Beading on a Loom die without a boyfriend made me hysterically mad Granted I have no idea if people would really think things like this in a situation as stressful as the one in the book but it seems to outlandish to me It sounds so utterly pathetic and rings withisorganized priorities and if Courtney Nights of the Round Table doesn t ultimately seize control of herestiny at the end I could end up complaining that the author thinks women are weak with men to hold them up and guide the wayI would recommend the book solely on the events of the plot if they were into a mostly fast paced plot with action and could handle uite a bit if gore Whoa I totally Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval did not expect this book to be good mostly because I saw that it was published by MTV Books but this book kept me captivated Coming home from a skiing trip a group of teens get into a car accident and run off aeserted shortcut road wrecking the car and injuring passengers Yeah I know this sounds like a typical setting for a book but this is where things start to get good Escaped prisoners serial killers amputation teens going crazy wolf attacks emergency surgery what can you want in a book A nail biting read loved it Five friends coming back from a ski trip A blizzard An accident A prison van found on the side of the road One night that will change the way you fearThis was sooooo not my typical read but I couldn t help be so curious about this book The characters were realistic maybe a little too realistic in this case which made it feel real More shutter worthyThe writing is hauntingly vivid and the plot was creepy scary When Miss Gangster Meets Her Match disturbing which makes Oblivion Road a uick gripping survival thriller that you wont be able to putownFor anyone looking for a chill factor in a read this one goes out to you I received this book as part of the Other Shelf Tours and I reuested it on pure cover appeal alone

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since we know how this typically works out for me I ll just hold out my hand to be slapped nowI Aliens Among Us don t know why Ion t learn I sort of True Paradise don t know what to say about this book It s not that the writing was awful per se it s just that I was completely indifferent for a majority of the book This is a suspense novel and it should have been riveting These kids are stranded in a brutal environment with an apparent truckload of maniacs on the loose and horrible absolutely horrible things are happening to them and Iidn t care McAuly never made me feel like Courtney or her friends were real and even though they were in near constant anger I never felt as though they were I never had that tension that you should have with this type of book the tension where you jerk upright and hunch over the book or literally sit on the edge of your seat in some weird mimicry of the events as if you may get up and run or fight or whatever the case may be Courtney s narration was sort of apathetic and isjointed which is maybe a realistic shock reaction but which Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie doesn t lend itself to the excitement of a suspense story and this feeling carried over even into the parts where Courtney claimed to be terrified I found myself apathetic in the same way at one point calmly thinking Yeah s going toie and moving on like it was nothing I should care if a main character is about to bite it I have to put this on McAuly you can t just say there s terror you have to prove it Make me terrified make me give a Jonathan Visits the White House damn If brutal horrific things are happening and I feel nothing than mildisgust that s an issueThere id come a point near the end of the book where I started to feel a little tension when Courtney is finally faced with the ecision to confront the situation and be active on her own and from then on it was enjoyable but in a 300 page book to become invested in the last 50 pages is unacceptable That s 250 pages of wasted page book to become invested in the last 50 pages is unacceptable That s 250 pages of wasted And even though I felt the tension then it was too little too late By that point it was too close to the end for me to care who made it out alive if anyone I was over it That budding tension should have happened in the beginning and been built upon throughout so that by the end I was ravenous to know what happened That s what a thriller should be If this hadn t been a book specifically for review I wouldn t have made it past 50 pages I Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού don t even know that I would have made it to 50 pages If Ion t care enough about the characters by then to worry when they re in imminent anger then it s too late to make me care at all. Rmy Dare they trust him He pleads innocence about the guard's murder warns them about the other fugitives and promises he will help guide them out of the wilderness But as the group begins a nightmare trek across the frozen landscape they start to get the feeling he hasn't told them the entire truth and someone or something is secretly watching their every move. Oblivion RoadA Survivalist Tale in the Colorado Back country Best Enjoyed by a Younger Audience3 5 starsFive teenagers survive a near fatal car crash on the way back from a ski trip on a eserted Colorado back country road The group must survive in the vicious wintry conditions with varying What Red Was degrees of injuries and no help on the way Two girls set off to scope out the road ahead hoping to find other people or shelter instead they are met with the horrifyingiscovery of a prison van which has also crashed The Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, driver isead and the inmates have escapedOblivion Road is a thriller aimed at a young adult audience I found the writing style to be overly simplistic which may be a turn off for adult and adept teenage readers A couple of sittings are enough to knock off the entire novel It fits into the thriller genre in a very satisfying way continuing to build the suspense seemingly effortlessly The finale had me strung up in anticipation yet I felt a little let Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition down at the same time Let me explain no plotetails no worriesThe novel is a thriller but specifically a survivalist thriller McAulay Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) does a fantastic job layering in the suspense for about three uarters of the novel however at the end it becomes unbelievable for me it seems to lose touch with reality I believe the tension of this novel and many other survivalist thrillers without fantasy elements such as zombies is grounded in a heavyose of reality which is interwoven with believable but fictitious events At the point where the fiction is stretched past believability the tension fades This is the best way I can think of to express what I found to be the ultimate let own of the novelThe premise of the story line is original and uniue which appeals to me I like how although the characters are stuck within their environment the pace of the plot is not eually as idle The characters themselves are fitting to the novel They have the uality of average ness that I am looking for in a survivalist story which as I explained above is not a emerit in my view I feel neutral about Courtney as the narrator I Inner Factors That Control Outer Success 10 CDS do not feel that the story would have been told muchifferently had it been from Reyna s point of view An element that I feel adds to the novel is the sense of The Keeper of the Jackalopes disbelief and shock expressed by Courtney throughout it is a consistent part of her story that is integrated in a natural manner with her thoughts and actionsAll in all I have to rate the novel as middle of the line for me It might be better enjoyed by a younger teenage readership with a tolerance for thearker themes and at times violence that goes along with a story of survival Interesting read but the repetitiveness of using the character s names constantly bugged me The fourth book I read for my independent reading is Oblivion Road by Alex Mcaulay The author End Product decided to write this book because he loves writing about suspense and what a person wouldo in order to survive The reason for choosing this book is because my younger sister recommended it to me She told me that is was a great fictional survival novel that ealt with teenagers This book is focused around survival in the wild in a blizzard and surviving a psychopath who should be imprisoned This book is about five teenagers who get stranded on a Colorado road uring a snow storm The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy due to an accident These friends were coming back from a ski trip and theriver claimed that he accidentally hit a Quran Made Easy deer which caused them to crash off the road The teenagers then had to survive their injuries and the weather as well as a prisoner on the loose Two of the teenagers walked up the road to seek help but instead found a prison van with the guardead and the prisoners gone They then met one of the prisoners who claimed that he help them get out of the situation because he used to live around that area and he knew where the next town was located One of and he knew where the next town was located One of books main messages is to never trust an inmate The major themes of this story are loss of innocence finding hope after tragedy losing hope and heartbreak of betrayal Courtney lost her innocence by the end of the book when she took someone s life in order to save her own Renee was always optimistic about the situation she always had her hopes high and never showed fear Jeremy was the guy who lost hope very early in the book He was considered a pessimist He never looked at the bright side of things even though this book had no He never looked at the bright side of things even though this book had no side Courtney and Renee were heartbroken when they were betrayed by the prisoner they should not have trusted in the first placeIn Colorado Courtney was coming back from a ski trip with her friends Jeremy Reyna Harris and Melanie They were on an unpopular road where Jeremy claimed to have hit a eer and crashed Jeremy had asked Courtney You on t remember She shook her head but it hurt her neck so she stopped No I mean sort of Her memory of the event was slowly coming back She remembered they been returning from a ski trip at memory of the event was slowly coming back She remembered they Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life d been returning from a ski trip at Ridge Run outside Pagosa Springs They had spent a weekend there at a condo owned by Jeremy s father It was now the tail end of Christmas Break and they were supposed to have left earlier in theay but they stayed late The boys had wanted one final run on a slope a ouble Maths Made Easy Times Tables Ages 5-7 Key Stage 1 diamond that had scared her Mcaulay 4 This car accident strands these five teenagers on an isolated Colorado roaduring a blizzard This road was then closed Never Say Never down they assumedue to the snow storm No one was traveling on the road therefore no one was out there to help them These teenagers had to get out of this situation on their own The accident had hurt Melanie pretty bad and she was unconscious for a while The group Fetish Affaire decided to split up Courtney and Reyna would travel up the road to find help of any kind and Jeremy and Harris would stay back to watch Melanie While Courtney and Reyna walked up the road theyiscovered a prison van with the guard shot Lives of Notorious Cooks dead and the inmates missing The girls realized that they no only had to survive the weather and wild animals they had to look out for prisoners who could berug ealers rapists or even murderers The two girls went back to their crashed car to tell their friends about what they iscovered Later that night a prisoner. Five stranded teenagers must battle for their lives against a group of escaped convicts and each other in this shocking survival thriller from the author of Bad Girls and Lost Summer Courtney Stanton thinks she's on just another ski trip with her friends until a horrific car accident strands them all on an isolated Colorado road Manon, Ballerina during a blizzard Frightened but. Came crawling out of the woods asking for help The teenagers contemplated whether to help him or no and after a few minutes theyecided to help the inmate They warmed him up by giving him extra clothes and after a while he told them that he wasn t the one who killed that prison guard back at the van He said that there were five prisoners in the prison van including a very violent man that was on the loose This prisoner who called himself JG told the teenagers that he wasn t a murderer he was a فرهنگ معاصر پویا/ انگلیسی-فارسی-دو جلد در یک جلد drugealer JG said Don t worry I was in for T-Force drug possession andealing Crystal meth Three strikes and you re out It was the same with one of the others guys The other two had beaten up their wives or some Wilder Girls domestic crap like that Leonard was the only one who killed anyone Mcaulay 78 He told the teenagers that they should be worried about the inmate Leonard Bell who actually CFNM Model did kill the guard JG told them that Leonard was a psychopath who killed and ate his own family JG said A couple years back Leonard Bell killed almost his entire family His mom hisad and his two younger brothers Cut them right up and then ate part of his sister But he let her live and she went insane He s a stone cold psychopathic serial killer He was being taken to Maitland Correctional with me and the other unlucky suckers in that van Mcaulay 78These teenagers and JG were terrified of this Leonard character They surely Strange Weather did not want to run into him on their way to Pine Valley JG also stated Youon t know him Some people have special talents for things Leonard s talent is killing people hunting them If you underestimate him you will get slaughtered like a pig This is a man who massacred his own family who ate human flesh Mcaulay 230 He also had the advantage by stealing the guard s rifle JG promised the teenagers that he Its Only a Game d help them travel thirteen miles to the next town Pine Valley to seek help Do these teenagersare trust this inmate or The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert do they realize that he s lying through his teethThe book Oblivion Road was an excellent survival book in my opinion I enjoyed the book because the author wrote in third person and that wasifferent for me I usually never read novels in third person they are usually always in first person The author also id a great job with the characters I really loved the way the author wrote the beginning because the characters where still friends with each other trying to figure out how to get out of that situation Then when the situation kept getting worse for these teenagers the author explained how they all lost hope in surviving and how their personalities changed rastically For example at first Jeremy was afraid of the situation but he still had control over himself By the end of the story he was completely ifferent Jeremy always had a pessimistic attitude and he stopped caring whether he survived or not On the other hand Courtney in the beginning was scared of the situation and she always felt like she had to be the leader of the group By the end Courtney became a brave soldier who could survive anything Both Jeremy and Courtney s personality changed significantly and I loved the way the author proved this The ending of the story surprised me I had no idea the book would wrap up in that way The ending reminded me of the ending of a book Ted Dekker would write who is my favorite author I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults The only reason I wouldn t recommend this book to children is the fact that there is murder and I feel that murder is a little scary for children This book was phenomenal Not great literature but a good uick read Honestly it reads like a slasher film No on t go that great literature but a good uick read Honestly it reads like a slasher film No on t go that I might have given it stars but the slasher filmsuspended reality feel wasn t uite for me Things were entirely too predictable and overly coincidental And what was up with were entirely too predictable and overly coincidental And what was up with weird wolf behavior The first few chapters got me sucked in but it started to lag about halfway through Fans of horror and suspense who can suspend belief a bit or those who just want a fast easy read should really enjoy this one This would be the type of book I enjoy Being caught in the snowy wilderness alone and esperate to survive that interests me But Alex McAulay is possibly the most boring author ever His sentences are so basic his characters are so The Harvest Murder dull None of the characters had an ounce of personality in fact all of them were stock some even stupid A couple ofetails bothered me One was that wolves on t act in the way McAulay presented them A healthy wolf pack will not attack a group of humans especially those with a fire going Even in blizzard conditions In these times where wolves are endangered I m isappointed that these stereotypes of wolves are still encouraged Shame shame on you Alex McAulayHowever the book picked up towards the middl Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToocomFive friends Jeremy Courtney Reyna Harris and Melanie just wanted to have a fun vacation skiing on to have a fun vacation Skiing on slopes and just hanging out Everything was fine until the ride home Not knowing what happened Courtney finds herself on a road with a guy Jeremy right beside her The car the teens were in had crashed and flipped into a The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) ditch but none of them knows how it happened All of them are fine rescuing one another but having someone rescue all of them seems impossible especially when everything is isolated and a blizzard is closing in on them The teens are stranded with no way to call for help or find their way home but at least they have each other They all lose hope since there is no way out that is until Nowhere near as good as I remember Iecided to reread it because several years ago I adored it Unfortunately that impression Magic in the North didn t withstand a rereadI believe McAulay was trying for an objective third person tone showing the readers the horror of the events in the book without letting emotion get in the way For me at least it failed Don t get me wrong horrible terrible things happen in this book and that is not lost on the reader However the writing was overly simplistic I found that it lacked life I felt a bit like it was written in the same way I would write a grocery listI couldn t connect with the. Alive Courtney and her companionsiscover an abandoned vehicle nearby and seek help But the vehicle turns out to be a prison van with the inmates missing and the guard's Imagining Gay Paradise dead body in the front seat Soon after a stumbling figure emerges from the snow a handcuffed refugee from the van He says he's been in prison for selling meth but that he once served in the

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