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Her but her decision making brings about most of her Problems Through Her Eyes We Re Shown What Her Decisions Through her eyes we re shown what her decisions circumstances do to others which helped raising the rest of the cast into likabilityUsing the play as the backdrop at its heart this is a great old fashioned detective story that really was reminiscent of Sur Grafton s Kinsey Millhone series and Jessica Fletcher on Murder She WroteI can t wait to see what s next in this series The 411This is book 5 in a series that takes our main characters and the readers on a musical ourney featuring some of our favorite Broadway musicals So far Rebecca and Justyn high school sweethearts now a married couple with a kid have performed Phantom Hyde Scrooged and Sweeney Todd In Illusion Rebecca and Justyn along with their musical savant son Erik are about to begin Phantom Returns All three are excited to take the stage together and even though Rebecca has fears of It Being Too Much For Her Young Son Especially After being too much for her young son especially after nightmare that has Rebecca thinking this could be foreshadowing to impending disasterAs I did the past four books you find yourself falling in love with Rebecca and Justyn Their love is special and magical but this time someone else is trying to keep them apart We don t know who until the last few pages but Laura ties it all up for us in a pretty blood dripping bowThere is much to love about Illusions but I found myself wondering who in their right mind would work with these two on another play something always happens People always die but there is always a silver lining and at the end of the day and this time Rebecca

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a trafficking to its s knees and the love of Rebecca and Justyn is worth the read I do highly you read the first books in the series so you can get a real good feel for the relationships of these characters Get your summer reading series set up and read the Dark Musicals Series by Laura DeLuca I loved loved loved this book It was so great to see all my favorite characters from the dark musical back and grown but still finding themselves in dangerous situationsI love the thrill of this book and how well it is written You feel like you re in the mystery and the thriller I don t want to give anything a way because I highly recommend this book But the suspense kept me engaged and wanted to know and not put it down Excellent boo. Urking among them but Rebecca is no kid any She’s tired of the villain getting the upper hand This time Rebecca is setting the trap This opera diva will put her life and her marriage on the line to shatter the illusions surrounding ueen’s Theater and stop the serial killer before they can strike agai. ,

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From the Militant Recommender s Book Review Blog we last met Laura DeLuca s character of Lord Justyn Patko and his now wife Lady Rebecca Hope character of Lord Justyn Patko and his now wife Lady Rebecca Hope they were appearing in a summer theatre version of Hyde They had their fair share of drama to get through before the happy ending and the birth of their son ErikNow some 8 years later the through before the happy ending and the birth of their son ErikNow some 8 years later the have ust completed a successful Broadway run of The Phantom Returns the seuel to Phantom set in coney island and filled with elaborate in Coney Island and filled with elaborate and costumes the couple had been acclaimed as the embodiment of the characters Passionately in love in real life they bring that extra dimension to the Phantom and Christine on the stageSo famous were they that they have been invited to take the show to Australia Two theatres were after the couple Justyn and Rebecca weigh the options and decide to grace the smaller venue the ueen s Theatre in Melbourne with their presence The theatre had been after the couple for years and have now made them an offer they can t refuse they would like Erik to play Christine and the Phantom s son Gustave Highly talented and an eually adept musician Erik is perfect for the roleBefore they leave Erik has a nightmare Could it be a premonition Rebecca also worries that she may be aging out of the ing nue role and that some other Christine might take her place beside her beloved Justyn Could she live with that And what of Justyn s hoping to expand their familyIllusion brings the ueen s theatre and its cast and crew to life and we shall soon see what lies in store for our favorite couple and their son in this thrilling first of a new series featuring Lord Justyn Lady Rebecca and Erik Personally I can t wait to see what awaits them next I love having these characters back I sure missed Rebecca and Lord Justyn I m hoping to see from them in the future The storyline is so seem less and the flow is fabulously written These characters have such a dynamic that you can t help but love them together I would highly recommend this book as long as you begin with the first book in the Dark Musical series you will ust fall in love with the way this author writes I would highly recommend this and any other book that she has ever written I can t wait to see what else comes up I am so excited to have another Dark Musicals in my hand I thoroughly enjoyed the original series. Rebecca Hope Patko and her husband Lord Justyn are living their dream After a successful stint on Broadway the super couple are heading Down Under for a special showing of Phantom Returns where their son Erik will oin them for his professional debut As soon as their plane touches down they discover that. I found the concept of following two high school sweethearts who meet fall in love and immerse and grow in their chosen art through several harrowing adventures The structuring of Rebecca and Lord Justyn s real life story the same as the musical they star in was ingenious to me What a cool way to learn of the classics with new fresh characters and events in the present day So yes and yes again to reading the new line of Dark Musicals that show Rebecca and Justyn still doing what they love which is Musicals and they re still loving One Another Also Their another Also their bonus having their son Erik oin them He s a chip off the old block with his love for the theater But alas this is no fairy tale endingJust when it may have seemed the couple could relax and live a normal life they are thrown once again into danger mystery and heart stopping events I still enjoy the threading through of the Phantom of the Opera within the current day story as wellMs Deluca has a clear crisp mesmerizing way of writing Her passages suck you into the world that she s creating and you know longer feel as if you are a bystander watching events but as a reader you experience what s on the pagesThe Dark Musicals has been one of my all time favorites and I encourage readers to check out has been one of my all time favorites and I encourage readers to check out entire series It s been a while since I read any of Laura de Luca s work the last time being the final book of the original Dark Musicals seriesThe first Dark Musicals are a clever play on genres Think of a murder mystery who I love the Dark Musicals series This was a great continuation of the series its beloved main characters and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end Over the years I ve become a fan of Laura Deluca and this is her biggest book I ve read yet but the added size only added to the storyThe story flowed well and was hard to put down but an added benefit was the style it was written in I enjoy the occasional musical and throughout the story the cast would break into the choruses or solos they performed in the current play
"just like in "
like in musical Having the story closely follow the arc of the Phantom Returns was an extra bonus that really shows the author s enjoyment of the playThe characters were highly engaging from top to bottom though I have to admit I really had to feel for Rebecca s luck It s bad enough tragedy seems to follow. A serial killer is stalking Melbourne At the theater a strange series of accidents leaves Rebecca fearing for the safety of her family Rebecca struggles to unravel the mystery while coping with insecurities about her career which cause tension between her and Justyn It’s clear a very real Phantom is Illusion Dark Musicals The Second Act Book 1

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