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F who also happens to he her guardian They both earn to fight together and there is something about him her guardian They both earn to fight together and there is something about him Grazi finds irresistible Her wolf approves of his wolf too But he might be interested in her cousin In my opinion Ronan and Grazi deserve each other They are fighting witches and also helped by a witch Apparently not all of them are so bad This makes it even interesting and worth reading I am happy that I read this one too as I had The Long-Legged Fly loved the first book as wellPS I want to that the author for generously providing and ARC My review has not been affected by that fact at all Subject book review Hunter Moon ReviewI received this book from the author Hunter Moon is the second book in the Grazi Kelly seriesThe story continues just after book one ended Maria and Ronan are running with a wolf packed by Maria s grandfather Maria is Beneath the Surface (Reluctance, learning about pack mentality and the Alpha wolf She finds she is not forced into submission as the other pack members though She is able to ignore direct commands which makes the reader wonder what exactly is she She is also continuing her fighting abilities along with weapon use A new internal threat is introduced in the form of a super wolf fighter who not so secretly hates MariaMaria begins to dream of a boy in danger Her dreams are so real and she shares them with Ronan Turns out Maria is something only believed inegends a dream walker There are some scary moments when Maria Ronan and a gypsy friend try and discover what her dreams are This story introduces black witches white witches and vampires There is uite a bit of humor especially when the disgusting vamp is not hot and sparkly a The Service la Edward CullenThe romance between Ronan and Maria goes through the typical teenage angst I guess even supernatural beings can t avoi I received this book free from the Author in exchange for my honest review 45 stars Oh MyI am astonished I hardly have any words to write my mind is aittle blank well that could also be from my cold Kj X pThere is such an improvement from the first book I did uite enjoy the first but I was a Enlightened (Red Flags, little harsh in my review about the way it was written You can read my review for Wolf Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel Here I won t rewrite the review points that won t be well right From the first chapter to theast I was hooked The struggle for Grazi to come to terms with who and what she is felt real to me Not Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks like most other YA s where the protagonistearns that she is paranormally special in some way Werewolf vampire witch etc and just you knows accepts it Oh hey you re a insert paranormal creature here protagonist is all Cable Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill like oh I am coolet s go fight stuff That s probably a A Pucked Holiday Outtake (Pucked, little biased of me but you all know what I m saying I enjoyed giggle sometimes at Grazi s struggle with the two boys she may or may notike THOUGH AT TIMES I WANTED TO BACKHAND HER SCOLD at times I wanted to backhand her scold while pointing her in the right direction The direction of Ronan that is view spoiler When her and Ronan kissed I was Turn This World Inside Out like about damn time hide spoiler Oh my goodness I have fallen harder for Ronan He is so amazing Can t wait to read book 3 Even better than the first book Grazi becomes confident about her abilities as she starts to find out who she is Life revolves around training for a battle no one will give her details about and teenage angst includi. Ual Devil you know Lucifer the Father of Lies Yup That’s the one You see the Devil is an actual being Not some metaphor for evil He is a fallen angel and his minions take many forms The Hounds of God fight those minions We are an ancient order dedicated to protecting humanityMy father before me was a Hound He and my mother died fighting this battle when I was about three years old I keep a picture of them next to my bedI don’t remember that much about them except for this recurring dream I have of my mom Anyway I was raised by my maternal grandmother Nonna Rosa Her son Well the author of this series has out done herself I thought the first book Wolf Moon was a great read which it is but the story of this delightful 15 year old werewolf named Grazi continues in the second novel Hunter Moon The book starts off where the first novel ended and you are instantly on a new and exciting journey with Grazi and her family and friends She is trying to cope with her newife and deal with the fact that the devil wants her dead She becomes marked by the devil and the demons witches and vampires are trying to kill her She also finds out about her dead parents and Has A Look Into Their a Option Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD look into their and how she was born She is trying to save herself her friends and family This novel is an exceptional read and both young adults and adults will enjoy it You get aook at young Night Fury (Night Fury, love person growth a journey into a new and excitingife and blind faith This is a wonderful paranormal book and it is a must readloved it and I cant wait until the next book in the series is released Thank you Ms Gorri for the wonderful read you have created an exciting fun page turning novel I received a copy of the ePub from the author in exchange for an honest reviewC D Gorri s Young Adult Paranormal Romance Hunter Moon starts off where Wolf Moon ends and Henry Fuckits Nursing Notes leaves the reader begging for of this original story Orphaned after her parent s death she is raised by heroving grandmother her Nonna Grazi has recently discovered that she is a werewolf Trying to embrace her newfound identity she is determined to discover her true potential and all that it entails Grazi is governed by her positive ideals and values She is a teenager with moral fibre and integrity Not only is she discovering herself as a young woman she is also Chemistry learning how toive as a werewolf The author has given Grazi a strong independent voice and her actions keep the plot moving uickly An interesting cast of characters supports her some human and many paranormal fill the pages of Hunter Moon She is exposed to devils demons witches and even vampires as she sets off on her journey And then there is Ronan her guardian werewolf This friendship is complicated How ong can they their strong attraction Although the story has many and turns the author keeps the plot moving seamlessly The skillfully written descriptive anguage sets the scene for each new situationGorri s Hunter Moon does not disappoint Looking forward to the next instalment in this uniue paranormal romance series The book 2 starts from where book 1 Tarihi Değiştiren Gizli Servisler left off The story continues It is just as good as the first book and again I will say that it has been one uniue werewolf series I admire Gorri s way of writing All the characters in this book are great and the storyine is just amazing It is a 5 star read and I d definitely The Keeper of Lost Causes (Department Q, love to read of it and recommend it to others tooThe story becomes intriguing by the minute It is full of surprises and very entertaining Grazi is a teenage girl who recently finds out that she can also turn into furry creatures she is a werewolf It is pretty new to her andife with the pack held ots of wonders as far as she is concerned There is so much she still needs to earn about her father s family werewolves and herself It is a Journey Where She Learns To Grow And where she Total Abuse learns to grow and her destinyRonan is another werewol. Being a teenage girl is difficult Being a teenage Werewolf is almost impossible A few weeks ago I found out that I’m a Werewolf Yup that’s right I tend to get furry around the full moon Don’t believe me Well it only gets fantastic from hereYou see I’m bound by an ancient pact my ancestors made to serve with the Hounds of God They’reike this mega Wolf pack who technically work for the Catholic Church The Hounds have been fighting an age old battle against covens of Witches who want to claim dominion over the Earth for the DevilYou heard me correctly I mean the act. Hunter MoonNg her feelings for both her fully human crush Sebastian and the enigmatic young werewolf Ronan Gypsies demons vampires ancient werewolves good and bad witches and a young boy in danger whose identity isn t difficult to work out all flesh out this fast paced tale The fact that werewolves are always hungry and have bellies that rumble at the most inopportune I freaking LOVE this series it gets better and better ever time CD Gorri if brilliant and I couldn t put the book down the people and the creatures and awesome and the storyline is the best I have not come across a were story that has been uite as uniue as this one and I totally ove itI خش خش تن برهنه ی تاک love Grazi she is the best spitfire chick everlolbut I have to say that Ronan couldn t be adorable if he tried the two were made for each other and I don t know why they keep fighting the inevitablelolI am sooo itching for the next book alreadyIoved that there was a white witch in this one that helped out and that it was seen that not all witches or all creatures were bad I think this brought a sense of balance to the book as well as rocking the boat at the same time as the hounds were always told that all creatures were evil besides them I think that the next book will be very interesting indeed and will bring Grazi s character even to the forefront of the pack as she feels very strongly for all people no matter who they are They will either Complex PTSD love her or hate herlolI am very excited to see what happens next as in this one this villains where still behind the scenes and even though there wasots of fighting and terrifying moments the worst is still yet to come If you If I Have to Tell You One More Time. . . love a great werewolf book this series is this best make sure to get your copies today Hunter Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel 2 by CD GorriI received a copy of Hunter Moon 2 to reviewThis book definitely earned its four stars CD Gorri put in the effort to create an original plot The highlights for me A believable femaleead a uniue male a fulfilling story as part of a series and multiple sub plots to keep the suspense high There are many books on werewolves now I can promise you you ve never read one uite Digital Biology like this Many ualities are the same but the skill with which this book has been written gives them a newife There are also a few surprises which I have not encountered in other paranormal novelsMaria Grazi is a girl who has recently found out about t The seuel is really nice and flows well with the first part I totally I Am Food liked the storyine and the ove between Grazi and Ronan The budding romance is beautiful and truly touching Grazi is the usual teenager with absolutely no confidence in herself and Ronan is the usual teenage boy with enough self confidence Ronan is the usual teenage boy with enough self confidence both of themThe story takes up from the previous book where they had just vanuished a possessed ibrarian This book takes Grazi up on her journey forward to becoming the alpha of her Wolf pack The dreams that she gets the experience that she gets with white witches and so on truly takes you on a nice journey The reader grows up with Grazi and her experienceIt is a nice read with a nice twist Ms Gorri does a really nice job with the story Mokee Joe Recharged (Mokee Joe, line and the flow of the book The series is going in a nice direction I wouldove to read the final part of the series tooRead at

Moon A Grazi Kelly Novel S my Uncle Vito He and his family Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel live with us too Only Nonna knows the truth about meHard to believe You betcha I didn’t really buy it either untilast night when I got all furry and fangy and ripped the throat out of my high school Incest Tales 5 librarianScary right But they aren’t the only things out there There’s much that I have yet toearnThis world is new to me It is full of dark and dangerous things And most of them seem to want me dead I’m scared I mean I’m not crazy But I have to survive I just have to To find out what really happened to my parents And to avenge them.

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