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From Classicism to Modernism

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Ew in terms of style Form And Ways Of Listening And Hearing Implicit In This ways of listening and hearing Implicit in this is the OF THE OLD FROM THE BAROUE TO THE MUSIC the old from the baroue to the music the later 19th century symphonists Paradoxically however it is this old epertoire which contiues to dominate concert pr. This title was first published
In 2001 The Last 
2001 The last has witnessed the ascendancy of the AVANT GARDE IN MUSIC FROM SCHOENBERG garde in music From Schoenberg Boulez to Stockhausen the avant garde has defined the modern conception of musical creativity Contemporary serious music demands the Ogrammes An exploration of this dichotomy lies at the heart of this book Drawing on a wealth of European philosophical and musical texts the author examines the origins of the avant garde and its European philosophical musical texts the author examines the and musical texts the author examines the of the avant garde and its to modernity in tandem with the history of the tonal traditio.
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