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Fantasyland A Sportswriter's Obsessive Bid to Win the World's Most Ruthless Fantasy Baseball League

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Think that both the baseball expert and baseball novice can find some entertainment value in this book Walker will not blow you away with any novel statistical analysis or approach but serious fantasy players will appreciate how ickly he becomes addicted to the hobby Baseball novices can hopefully appreciate why those that they may denigrate as fantasy nerds are so entrenched in their favorite hobby Since I myself am a former fantasy baseball GM with a pretty appalling track record this book held a lot of appeal for me I appreciated the tales of obsessed rotisserie nuts each ridiculous than the last which prefaced every chapter I empathized with the frustrations and little humiliations and I left it with a clearer sense of at least some of the fatal trading and drafting mistakes I made in the past All in all this was a pretty decent gatecrasher s account of the popular pastime comparable to Word Freak and The Horsemen of the Esophagus The last part of this book dragged however the author is so brutally honest and transparent when it comes to the process his methods and results that the reader has a very good idea of about where he ll end p in the league standings ite a bit before the end of the season rolls around and this is where the uite a bit before the end of the season rolls around and this is where the s only real flaw comes in It really appears that this particular gatecrasher went a little too deep to the point where it might actually be impossible to separate Sam Walker the authorsports writer from Sam Walker the almost insanely committed fantasy owner of the Streetwalkers At times particularly toward the end the book begins to take on the ality of comprehensive stats notes to self for reference at future drafts and loses a bit of its perspective Baseball fans may or may not appreciate this book Depending On Their *View Of Fantasy Or on their *View Of Fantasy Or Teamsleagues But *of fantasy or rotisserie teamsleagues but s hard to imagine a true blue rotisserie player passing this p This book is funny interesting and an outstanding look at the stat side of baseball from the view of fantasy baseball I enjoyed the book as a better Adam and the Ants understanding of baseball and also just a lighthearted look at what might constitute an obsession the various fantasy rotisserie and other leagues whether in baseball or all sportsSam Walker writes well has an engaging sense of humor and with his two employees Sig and Nando takes on the elite of baseball s fantasy players The book has the feel of a travel book where th. Ens to overtake traditional baseball in the passions it generates In 2004 Sam Walker a sports columnist for The Wall Street Journal decided to explore this phenomenon by talking his way into Tout Wars a private league generally reserved for the nation's top experts Using his baseball contacts and access to locker rooms Walker spent a year trying to dredgep information that might give him a competitive edge over his eccentric cast of competitors But in his Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors uest for victory he also endeavored to settle the greatestion that divides modern baseball thinkers Can excellence be predicted by statistics alo. Rating 81 ThoughtsLight read that is focussed *on a topic I appreciate the numbers side of fantasy sports written in an engaging humourous style *a topic I appreciate the numbers side of fantasy sports written in an engaging humourous style have Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) used a little of the Justin MorneauJose Guillen storiesA nice expose into the life of a playerGM w just a smattering of inside info Lots of parallels to data driving sport decisions losing your passion as you get older for the Touts fors middle agers One of my favorite baseball books To enjoy this read it helps if one likes fantasy baseball but being a fan of baseball is enough Walker tracks the 2004 MLB season through his eyes as an obsessed rotisserie league owner Thanks to his credentials as a sports columnist for The Wall Street Journal he is able to meet with his rotisserie players their managers and GMs all with the rather delusional goal of helping the players perform better on the field or in some cases to get on the field at all With all this in mind A Season on Baseball s Lunatic Fringe seems a fitting sub title I liked Fantasyland I am a big baseball fan and a somewhat serious fantasy baseball player though nothing on the level of what Sam Walker discusses in this book Fantasyland is an adventure through Walker s first season playing Rotisserie fantasy baseball He joins the Tout Wars league an experts league that is populated by some of the most prominent fantasy baseball players in the world Walker must learn about the Rotisserie game and determine what his strategy and identity will be in this league He goes to oftentimes ridiculous lengths to try to secure an advantage on his league mates he attends the spring trainings of most AL teams this is an AL only league he hires two employees to aid him throughout the season and he approaches a multitude of he hires two employees to aid him throughout the season and he approaches a multitude of coaches and front office types to try to coax insider information from them I wouldn t say that much of the book is particularly humorous but Walker s willingness to put himself out there and potentially look like an idiot is endearing I can see how some readers may be turned off by how gimmicky some of his antics are but I think most will agree with me Walker chronicles his descent into fantasy addiction telling how his mood shifts with the performance of his team Any serious fantasy player can likely relate to those types of mood swings and the addictive nature of the hobby His discussions of trade negotiations and psychology are entertaining too I generally. A Wall Street Journal writer spends a season in a fantasy baseball league to explore the inner workings and contagious passions of one of the country's most popular pursuits Every spring millions of Americans prepare to take part in one of the oddest most obsessive and engrossing rituals in the sports pantheon rotisserie baseball a fantasy game where armchair fans match wits by building their own teams Starting with a player draft before the Major League season contenders spend six months scouring the box scores to see if their handpicked players can outperform the opposition It's a pastime that threat.
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Ere is a destination and you re following along I would say the type of writing that Walker does is sort of like Bill Bryson s writing wry and sardonicI would say this book is worth a look for anyone who likes 1 baseball and 2 a touch of humor and 3 a study of what draws people s interests and obsessions Way interesting than I expected considering I really don t enjoy baseball or watch it and certainly have no desire to play fantasy baseball It s very surprising to me how much I enjoyed this book since I expected it to be MUCH STATISTICALLY DRIVEN INSTEAD OF A NARRATIVE I DIDN statistically driven instead of a narrative I didn get any insight to se in my stats class or really any math at all but I really liked the book It held the story of sports and all their magic This is one of the funniest books I have ever read in any category I think it goes without saying that you need to be a fan of fantasy baseball to have than an passing interest in Sam Walker s Fantasyland If you are you will find many of the experiences Sam went through ring trueHis grilling of major league baseball players and executives in the name of gleaning an inside information edge on his competition had me laughing so hard that I had the put the book down at times The amount of time he spent with his ant sidekick trying to build a predictive system for player performance is something many many of Blind Sided us have done and failed miserably atWalker s love for all things baseball and fantasy comes through in spades This is just a fun fun book and pretty well written for non fiction sports I had a great time reading it I put it rightp there with Moneyball as an all time favorite baseball book Uniue insight to America s pastime Touted as a must read book by one of my long long time friends since he knew I loved baseball I found fantasyland to *be a wonderfully diverse read from my typical *a wonderfully diverse read from my typical fiction reads If you re a fantasy baseball participant it definitely is a must read If you re intrigued by fantasy sports and its participants this book is for you Believing the positive reviews I read of Fantasyland by Sam Walker I started this book about a sports journalist with no fantasy baseball experience who plays for a season against the top fantasy experts in their league called Tout Wars looking for a funny insightful look at the game of fantasy baseball and its hard core practitioners I imagined that the book would appeal to at least one if not both of the. Ne or is the human element important Together with his crack research team Sig a statistician and Nando a baseball savant Walker finds himself possessed by the game and determined to win at any expense spending weeks on the road interacting with his real Major League players and trying to manage them We follow his descent into sleeplessness panic triumph temporarily treachery and even consultations with an astrologer as he keeps his ever blearier eyes on his elusive goal The result is one of the most entertaining sports books in years and a matchless look into the heart and soul of our national pastime. .