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This book deals with emotions Calvert SPENDS A LOT OF TIME SPECULATING a lot of time speculating the emotions of

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such as David and I m of the opinion that if the Bible didn t tell us what people were thinking or feeling we can t know and certainly shouldn t build our beliefs around those speculations Then the people in the Bible did things in ways we disagree with but if the Bible doesn t clearly indicate that God thought it was wrong should we Like I said it was a good starting point for learning what the Bible says about our emotions but there s so much to be said. Om #and personal candor Bud Calvert examines the most commonly experienced emotional extremes #personal candor Bud Calvert examines the most commonly experienced emotional extremes life Each chapter will help you understand how to cast your emotional burdens upon Lord and allow His Spirit to give you a peace that passes all understandi.

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Overcoming life strugglesThis book gives good spiritual advice and biblical verse about With Day Problems #with day problems strongly recommend to everyone who feeling down in dumps Picked this book up because I was feeling emotional and I liked the cover lol It was simply written and at times cliche reads like a sermon but has some useful Biblical advice Not very deep but for the right person would be very helpful This book makes great points and gives much lessons learned on how to overcome It s written in a basic conversational style The stated purpose is to en. Emotions are a GIFT FROM GOD BUT AT TIMES from God but at times can be misleading Feelings will either lead you on a frustrating and exhausting roller coaster ride or they will be led by the Holy Spirit of God allowing His peace to rule in your heartHow do you respond. Courage people to look to the Scriptures for answers to emotional problems It s a good starting point but it s not very #in depth One of the things I didn t like is that it s not #depth One of the things I didn t like is that it s not documented There are no footnotes of any kind That made it rather hard to check anything he said It s all drawn from the Bible and many verses are uoted or referenced briefly without either a reference or even a footnote It makes it hard to dig deeper into what the Scripture
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Personally I don t for books that rely on the fleshed out retelling of Biblical accounts Because. When facing negative or difficult emotions Even through the hardest of times God’s Holy Spirit desires to give you emotional stability and Victory His Truth And Presence Can Anchor Your Soul And His truth and presence can anchor your soul and you develop emotional resilienceWith biblical wisd.
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Emotional Victory