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Dirty Work

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A lot of us
never manage to 
manage to our dreams when it comes to our #CAREERS RATHER THAN DOING WHAT WE #Rather than doing we to do we do what we need to do in order to pay the bills to get by and cover the basic necessities When you e a cubicle monkey like me you wish for escape Like Sam Lowry in Brazil you dream about getting away from it all and never having to come back This short story collection by Chris Farnell plays. I don't normally talk about work A call handler for an insurance company that offers out of this world cover a broker of Faustian pact. With the theme of work and how it makes us feelThe Broker If you are going to make a deal with a devil it only makes a certain amount of sense to have professional available to ensure that said transaction uns #smoothly Timothy Marlowe is th I bought this book a few #Timothy Marlowe is th I bought this book a few back because a friend eccommened it It sat on my kindle for a while got shuffled to the bottom of the list half forgotten But a month ago. S the best man at a doomed stag night a PR consultant who's way out of his depth and a ninja everyone has a
job to do 
to do stories
depth and a ninja everyone has a job to do Eight stories
Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) Adam and the Ants On Disgust Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors
I was stuck on a late train back from london having just finished a novel and #THOUGHT OH THAT BOOK ILL GIVE #oh that book Ill give a go Two hours later I Illicit Desires (Illicit, reluctantly had to put it down to bike home which I dideally uick so I could finish eading it Its BLOODY BRILLIANT witty clever scary philosophical and very funnyIf you like Jeff Noon Neal Stephenson Gaiman or Robert Ranking you ll be very at home with this excellent book of. Ght people eight jobs
some find their 
find their takes them just beyond eality; for others beyond eality is just another DAY AT THE OFFICE. at the office.