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Eventually Colten got into the same thing and both went to the X Games to compete That s where Caleb crashed CharacterizationCaleb and Colten never really changed throughout the book They were both fearless and always wanted to have the rush of flipping their four wheelers and snowmobiles Their parents changed "a little bit throughout the book caleb and "little bit throughout the book Caleb and s parents went from regular parents to traveling the world watching their kids risk their lives to make a livingImpacts of the settingThis book took place during the modern era around the early 2000 s to the present It was based in many small towns throughout Texas The setting affected their lives because they started riding snowmobiles and that s pretty difficult to do in Texas They had to think of new ways to practice in warm weather Thematic ConnectionThe main theme of this book was the theme of progression or family The whole book was about how Caleb and Colten Moore started riding ads and snowmobiles The book also explained about how his family reacts to every situation and how they recovered from all the tragedies RecommendationI recommend this book to high school students because some parts of the book were hard to Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, understand Also anyone who has rode dirt bikes fourwheelers or snowmobiles would like to read this book I think they would like it because they would be able to relate to everything they do in the book Personal ResponseI really enjoyed this book it was very inspiring and made me want to live my life freely I think that people nowadays are tooptight I just want to live and do adventurous things and not worry about all the stressful things in life This book opened my eyes p to a life that can be luxurious and fun but the risks that are still present I am very grateful for the things I have in my life I am also thankful for all the opportunities I have in my life I think this book is very eye opening and I would highly recommend everyone read this bookPlotThe book started off with Colten Moore talking about his childhood and the tough times he and his brother Caleb endured His family went through hardship and they were always moving from city to city When things started to turn around for their family their father Wade bought the two brothers a set of ads The boys were ecstatic They always loved going fast and jumping things With their two brothers a set of The Vanishing Hours uads The boys were ecstatic They always loved going fast and jumping things With theirads they could accomplish just that After trail riding and racing their Horse Sense uads they eventually got good enough to make it on the national tour Once they got onto the national tour they got information about freestyle Freestyle is doing big tricks in a certain amount of time off of certain jumps The Moore brothers had found their new love jumping big machines After getting very good atad freestyle they proposed to the XGames about having ATV freestyle being a part of the games The XGames commission denied Still pursuing their dreams and overcoming hardships the Moore brothers decided to start riding snowmobiles After having snowmobiles and jumping and flipping them for only a month the Winter XGames were to begin After a mediocre first two XGames Caleb was the only brother to med. Heir boundary exploding athleticism innovation and appetite for risk became stars on the burgeoning freestyle ATV and snowmobile circuits If it had wheels they could flip it often higher and better than anyone else leading a band of pioneers intent on breaking new ground and in a new sport before multitudes of fans at the X Games and beyondIn this vivid page turning narrative Colten Moore offers a profound and deeply movi. ,

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I thought this book was fabulous I didn t want to put it down and it all played out in my mind after I did put it down each night Colton takes the reader through it all The good times and the complete heartbreak and then starting the healing process and finding a new reason to ride The bond the Moore brothers had is not your every day sibling love They clearly had something really special Definitely worth reading Beautifully written I loved the Moore brothers from the moment they appeared at the X Games and I am still a huge fan of Colten s I loved hearing Colten s story even though this book was written after tragedy I found myself laughing then crying then smiling then crying again all within five pages I have a deeper nderstanding of who these crazy Texas boys were and who their family is now This book has a little something for everyone whether you follow the X Games know about snowmobiles or have heard about the MooresFor a full review Atria Books and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWhen your brother gives his life to the sport that you both love how can you find the strength to continue competing Catching the Sky is the story of Colten and Caleb Moore talented brothers who gave their all to both freestyle ATV and snowmobile competitions Although both chalked p numerous injuries in the pursuit of perfection Caleb paid the The Making of Goldeneye ultimate price for the love of his sport The Moores come from very humble beginnings which included losing everything due to bankruptcy After this very rough patch the family turned to the church for help advice and peace Life improved and the boys received a gift of newads from their father Their love for the sport never wavered and Catching the Sky chronicles the journey of Colten and Caleb from backyard enthusiasts to competitors After a few mishaps including two broken legs for Colten the brothers joined the National Competition Circuit Taking the sport of freestyle ATV as far as they could Colton and Caleb turned their sights on snowmobiling and the X GamesCatching the Sky is a well written poignant look at the life of Caleb Moore through the eyes of his brother Colten Although both were fierce competitors they looked out for each other both in competition and in life This memoir shows the world that Caleb Moore was than just the competitor that was gravely injured "AND LATER DIED RESPONSEI THOUGHT "later died Personal ResponseI thought book good I liked it because I sed to ride dirt bikes and snowmobiles just like them I also liked reading about how they started because they did almost the same things I did I wanted to read this because I remember watching Caleb crash I wanted to know about both of their lives I really enjoyed reading this book Plot Catching The Sky was about the Moore
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The book when they got their first four wheeler They slowly progressed to bigger machines and eventually started to race Then Caleb decided he wanted to be able to do a backflip Then they traveled to a place in Michigan and a guy taught him how to do one A few days after they performed and started his freestyle career. A transcendent story about risk and the pursuit of happiness family and the bond between brothersDust and prairie were abundant on the Texas Panhandle the land that gave birth to generations of Moores But instead of working the landor the cattle that fed pon it the Moore brothers Colten and Caleb heeded another callTheir dreams paired with hard work and family sacrifice eventually became reality The Moore brothers with Catching the Sky
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Al He took home two bronze medals in Freestyle and a silver in Best Trick The following year their third XGames Colten took home one gold and one silver in Freestyle and Best Trick Caleb brought in a bronze "in freestyle The next XGames would bring tragedy During Caleb s first run there were problems and "freestyle The next XGames would bring tragedy During Caleb s first run there were problems and could tell On the 75 footer Caleb came p short on his back flip Caleb and his 400 pound sled went tumbling After one bounce the sled came down and drilled into Caleb s chest Immediately the medics came running after Caleb right after them came Caleb s family including Colten After Caleb came to he walked off of the freestyle course which was deceiving of Caleb s health condition Once in the medic tent Caleb started to go nconscious The snowy conditions made travel by helicopter nearly impossible Caleb would have to be transported to a hospital with cardiac surgeons That journey took over 40 minutes While Caleb was nconscious he went 20 minutes without any oxygen getting to his brain which proved to be fatal Caleb was pronounced dead After "Caleb Passed Life For The "passed life for the family was incredibly tough They had been through the worst situation any parents could have been through losing a child brother and friend At Caleb s funeral Colten spoke about Caleb s life and how much of an idol he was Colten looked p to Caleb and wanted to keep his legacy alive Colten suffered from deep depression but he continued to ride At the next XGames Colten finally came around and escaped depression He decided to ride for Caleb He won a bronze medal in the Snowmobile Long Jump competition but importantly a gold in Freestyle that honored his brother From then on Colten decided to always ride for Caleb CharacterizationColten Moore is a very determined character in this story He changes greatly throughout the book He goes from smaller kid kind of a sidekick to Caleb to the one that people look Star Wars up to now that Caleb is gone Colten is a very strong willed guy and he has a good work ethic In that way I can relate to him He has also been very good at overcoming life changing events Impact of SettingThe book takes place during a lifetime of the main person Colten Moore The main parts of the story took place in Colorado and Texas The time frame would be the last 1990 s all the way through today The impact would be that it affected today s entertainment world of extreme sports and still does todayThematic Connection One theme from this book would be appearance versus reality Colten does flips and tons of tricks on snowmobiles andads He makes it look very easy To be that good at that and to succeed like Colten has it takes a great amount of training and practice It is not easy The reality of doing freestyle is that it takes dedication to be good Also you have to account for the risk factor to be good Also you have to account for the risk factor the sportRecommendationI think this book is geared towards men because the sport has only men in it It is also about extreme sports and snowmobiling which appeal to men I think women would enjoy the book because the factor of overcoming tragedy Typically people over 14 could read this book due to the maturity of the subject. Ng perspective on his life and that of his brother Catching the Sky is a clear eyed look at extreme sports what drives people to take wild chances and how one man Colten couldn't stop even after the worst possible outcome His story reminds Border Peel (Marjorie, us that we can dream and sometimes achieve the impossible that we can follow our own path that we can lose something lose everything only to find it again often in the mostnlikely pla.