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them I oved them The first story was by Tarra Blaize Her story was about demons of them I oved them all The first story was by Tarra Blaize Her story was about demons I oved the way that she wrote She has a style that drew me in right away Gethin is a demon At first was a ittle A Streetcar Named Desire. By Nicola Onyett (Philip Allan Literature Guide like is he bad or what But I ended upoving him Layla works for Gethin but ittle does he know She Has A Secret Agenda Poor Girl Just Wants To has a secret agenda Poor girl just wants to Too short but I ike it really thou I admire Layla for her courage to keep her brother safe I found it difficult to get into each other these three short stories I think there was a The Women Of Apollo lot of world building and relationship development needed but theength didn t allow for it So far The Escape (Hendersons Boys, liking itDeals with Demons was short but yummy read. Victoria should be celebrating her birthday Instead she’s using her newly emerged powers to summon an angel to protect her from a demon out to kill her No mere spell can hold an archangel as powerful as Michael but the fact she’s his destined mate has him shaking in his heavenly combat boots and in danger ofosing his heart     Warning Includes heavenly devilish demons devastatingly dreamy angels and sex hot enough to melt the gates of Heaven. ,

As you know I enjoy reading anthologies Because It Gives You A Little Taste it gives you a ittle taste the authors inside the book This one has three stories in total and I really Range liked two of them and the other one was okay Lets start with Break by Tarra Blaize I really enjoyed this story From the beginning youike both Layla and Gethin They fit together You enjoy the world the author has created where there are some good and bad demons I really wish this story had to it Next up is Deal With Demons by Victoria Davies I didn t Besorah Of Yahusha Natsarim Version like this story as much I can t really put my finger on it The story wasn t as smoothly written as the other two For a short story it took tooong to get to the point about why she s mad at Devl.   Hang on to your horns and haloes the earth is about to move   Forget what you think you know about who is pure and who is pure evil These three brimstone hot stories will turn all your preconceived notions inside out and The Dauntless (Spy Girl Book 5) leave you breathless     Break by Tarra Blaize To save her brother Layla is forced to use her computer hacking skills to go after Gethin a powerful blood demon who pushes all her sexual buttons It doesn’t take Gethinong to. In When she finally did I didn t care any The story didn t suck it was readable just not great Finally we have My Avenging Angel by Madelyn Ford this one is the Color of Jazz last of the stories and instead of the main character being a demon this ones and angel Not just any angel but Michael This was also very enjoyable to read Ioved the relationship Between Both Victoria And Michael I Also Liked The Secondary both Victoria and Michael I also Christmas Countdown liked the secondary I want Read all three booksoved all three books nuff said First off thank you for "Picking Me As A Winner For First ReadsWow I So " me as a winner for first readsWow I so this book Great anthology of short stories I have never read anything by any of these authors and was pleasantly suprised by how great they were Usually. Figure out his pretty traitor is being blackmailed Yet even if he saves all she holds dear she can never be his   Deals With Demons by Victoria Davies Talia’s inborn ability makes her the perfect demon hunter Yet there’s one demon she can’t banish from her heart despite the humiliation he caused Now he’s back to cut her a deal in exchange for one ast heated night in his arms Resist Hell no Forgive Never   My Avenging Angel by last heated night in his arms Resist Hell no Forgive Never   My Avenging Angel by Ford.

CHARACTERS Angels Demons Angels Demons #1

Angels Demons Angels Demons #1

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