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Find all of my reviews at a hundred years ago I went through a phase I like to refer to as "the summer of vampire I read all about the sparklies the ones from Morganville the "summer of vampire I read all about the sparklies the ones from Morganville the teenage irls write diaries about I read everything I could Les Carnets de Cerise T3 - Le Dernier des cinq trsors get my hands on except those written by She Who Shall Not Be Named Eventually a friend took pity on me and informed me about the wonderful world of adult vampire stories which featured actual peen rather than an endless case of blue balls and a leading lady whose milkshake most definitely brought all the bloodsuckers to the yard like And Unfortunately by book 13 I was like But it wasood while it lasted Since I hopped on the Sookie train waaaaaaay early I was pleasantly surprised to see Charlaine Harris had written several other series and read all of those as well And that s how I met Aurora Teagarden Librarian by day and Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn Mystery solver by night and also day pretty much whatever time she can put her nosey ass into someone else s businessIt had been years as well as several skipped over books since I had picked up this series but due to Lifetime Television For Women and my maybe not so healthy Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) girl crush on Candace Cameron Bure Aurora had maintained a place in my heart When All the Little Liars popped on my recommended to you shelf at both Goodreads and my library s websites I figured what the hell The weather had taken a turn to the chilly and it was a bit moist dreary outside making it the perfect night to break out my super sexy Mr Rogers sweater I wear while reading cozy mysteries The sight of said sweater caused a reaction in my husband that went something like OH DEAR GOD I THOUGHT YOU FINALLY GOT RID OF THAT UGLY FUCKING THING To which I responded NEVAAAAAAAAAAAAH and also Then I commenced reading And what did I find with Aurora s ninth adventure Sadly much disappoint After my failure with the final Southern Vampire books I should have just left well enough alone when it comes to Ms Harris There just wasn t much of anything to this story The premise of missingdead teenagers wasood but even though All the Little Liars checked in at a measly 229 pages at least 100 of those could have probably been left on the editing room floor unless you re interested in reading about Aurora s Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories grocery list when sheoes to the local Piggly Wiggly or what she s wearingeating for dinneretc All filler with no substance makes Mitchell an angry boy 25 starsDefinitely my least favorite book in the series I m not sure if the problem was too much time had passed since the author had written the previous book or it s just difficult coming up with Blind Sided good stories when you are on book 9 of a series Aurora Teagarden and her new husband Robin Crusoe areoing to have a baby The news is just settling in when her half brother Phillip oes missing along with three other kids If we know one Thing About Aurora It S She Is about Aurora it s she is oing to sit around waiting for the police to solve the case she s Moobli going to conduct her own investigation One of the things I ve always loved about these books is the sense of community and how characters are featured in multiple books or at leastet a brief mention It

makes for a 
for a type feeling when reading and once again this book had familiar faces The problem though was it also added a bunch of new characters to the point in which it felt overwhelming I normally don t complain about too many characters in a book but I really struggled with this on. Is the truth hiding in plain sight That is the uestion at the heart of All the Little Liars the latest installment of Charlaine Harris's fan favorite Aurora Teagarden mystery seriesAurora Teagarden is basking in her new pregnancy when disaster strikes her small Georgia town. All the Little LiarsDn t readAurora Teagarden has just returned home from her honeymoon with Robin and is informing friends and family that she is expecting their first child Just as she and Robin are happily making plans her 15 year old brother does not return home Initially Aurora is happily making plans her 15 year old brother does not return home Initially Aurora is worried until she receives a frantic phone call from a mother looking for her son who is one of Phillip s friends Aurora soon learns that Phillip is one of four teens who have The Secret Art of Great Conversation gone missing includin Freshly married and overcome with joy over finding she s expecting Aurora Roe Teagarden has everything falling into place in her life at the moment That is until four teenso missing one of which is Roe s own half brother who had been living with her and her husband With everyone becoming frantic when the kids aren t anywhere to be found the police are uickly called in but unfortunately things only Comic Print and Theatre in Early Modern Amsterdam get worse when a dead body is found While the police are conducting their investigation Roe and her new husband begin their own investigation to help try to find the missing teens All the Little Liars is the ninth book in the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris but the first of the series which I ve read myself I have seen a couple of the movies based on the books though so I was somewhat familiar with the characters and setting involved in this series before starting this one but it still seemed to read alright without the others Having read the Sookie Stackhouse series I knew I would probably love these books so no better time to try than when I saw this up for review Aurora Teagarden is such a likable character a down to earth small town librarian that can t help but want to help others when thingso wrong The setting is one in which everyone knows everyone so it s easy for the main character to o snoopy in her investigations and ask around digging for details in the small town I spent the entire read with the uestion of what could possibly of details in the small town I spent the entire read with the uestion of what could possibly of to these kids and really enjoyed the journey to finding out along with the ending to the story Overall a reat cozy mystery enjoyable even not having read the others in the series but being a fan of Charlaine Harris already I really should Tootles The Taxi And Other Rhymes go back and read the othersI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visit I love that marriage and pregnancy has not slowed Aurora down Charlaine did well in moving the characters on with her next phase in life It s clear her life as a Bartell is in the past and she has recovered from herrief and moved on it was a On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy, good read I still hope that she writes I have read all the previous Aurora Teagarden books so I was delighted to discover this book A variety of emotions is covered including joy kindnessays bullying and evil Roe and Robin are celebrating their marriage and the bundle of joy they are expecting Four teenagers are missing and another is found dead Philip Roe s brother is among the missing As events began to unravel the facts that one of missing has been bullied another has a ay lover and another teenager has been kidnapped and a ramson reuested made Christmas is just days away and Rae wants to find answers before then The ending will horrify you I highly recommend this seriesDisclosing I received a free copy from St Martins Press through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book The opinions expressed are my own. Her's ambling debts Or is Phillip himself new to town and an unknown uantity responsible for taking the other children As days o by it's up to Aurora to find the answers to these disturbing uestions before it's too late for the missing and she herself ends up in harm's way. .

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EUnfortunately the plot of having 4 kids missing sounds like it would hold your interest but in reality I was bored for most of the book Even though Phillip is related to Aurora and some of the other kids have popped up in other books I found myself not even caring what happened to them The teenage drama just did not work for me and the mystery itself was pretty flimsyEven though I didn t enjoy this one as much as I have with other books in the series I still plan have with other books in the series I still plan reading the next book as I do really have a fondness for the main character Well this was utterly ridiculous on so many levels Why did I like this series 10 years ago A must read for the Aurora Teagarden fan Aurora Teagarden is back she s married to a wonderful man working at a job she loves and is bonding with her half brother Life is ood for this favorite librarian until it s not Aurora is living with new husband and her teenage half brother after he couldn t live with his parents any Robin her husband is an ideal husband attentive loving and communicative They have real happiness and is about to come Unfortunately the The Hate U Give good news is shadowed by the disappearance of her brother and a handful of other teenagers in town and when one of theroup is found dead things Building Vocabulary Skills get serious The police are called but there is little to find and Aurora and her husband take investigation in their own hands Yes sheets herself to find and Aurora and her husband take investigation in their own hands Yes she Sheet Metal Shop Practice gets herself a pickle but now she hasood solid backupI loved seeing Aurora again and to see her so well situated was wonderful How often do we Cait and the Devil get to see aood solid realistic relationship I hope there is another book in the future There was a major life changing event that I want to see happenI received the ARC in exchange for an honest review It s clear that Harris cranked this one out as fast as she could it shows on every page First there is the lack of any real plot Okay so kids randomly et kidnapped and there s NO reason for it There are a few loose threads of possible motives one irl was bullied one was ay but still why Aurora s "father is in deep with some mobsters and his wife conveniently disappears Two teens just ride around with "is in deep with some mobsters and his wife conveniently disappears Two teens just ride around with un running kids over like it s no big deal The explanation at the end of the book did nothing to cover the raggedly ass holes in the plotSecond there were An Unofficial Encyclopedia of Strategy for Fortniters glaring continuity errors and Harris needs to seriously consider firing her editor In the beginning of the book Roe calls her best friend to tell her she s pregnant Later there s an awkward randomly interjected scene where Roe reveals her pregnancy to the same friend who ha Aurora and her husband have recently married and they have just discovered that Aurora is pregnant with their first child They are so happy at the addition to their family and there are tears of joy when they first see a scan of the baby This wriggling blog on screen has a heartbeat and after they leave the doctors surgery they set off to share the news They can t stoprinning but little do they know their happiness is soon to be shattered in a way they couldn t imagine in their worst nightmaresAuroras half brother has been living with them for a while and he is a The Ausar Auset Nutrition Handbook good kid whoets on well with his sister and Robin However their happiness is soon to shatter when Aurora s brother Phillip Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1 goes missing along with three others from a football field One of the missing is only eleven years old and was waiting t I had never been able to fathom what people did with their moments if they di. Four kids haveone missing from school and her teenage brother Phillip is one of them While the local police comb the county for clues Aurora and her new husband bestselling writer Robin Crusoe begin their own investigation Is Phillip's disappearance related to Aurora's fat.