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Soldados del Multiverso: Guerreros del pasado (Guerras del Multiverso n 2) eRoughout the book The descriptions of whatveryone was wearing added a lot to the story but a few things bothered me 1 The tunic and skirt combos for any female not a size zero are too prevalent If you want to mpower curvy women dress them in clothing that doesn t hide their figures 2 After all that shopping for designer outfits why doesn t Paige wear them I can understand that she might ve needed some comfy clothes but I was irritated that Elizabeth wore designer stuff very day but Paige didn that Elizabeth wore designer stuff A Dirty Wedding Night: A Dirty Rockstar Romance Collection (Dirty, Book 2.5) every day but Paige didn If Paige chose her old wardrobe at least give somexplanation I felt the character Was Cheated When Ms Lee Had Her Put On Anything cheated when Ms Lee had her put on anything her new stuff Well this is definitely a book of 2 halves The first half in my opinion wasn t good at all it just wasn t for me but wow did it make a fabulous come back in the second half So the first half i d read a uarter of the book and all I thought was NO What has the author done she s took away all what I loved about Paige in the first book she went from a no nonsense tell it how it is strong woman to a winey bitch who instead of speaking out to Ryder like she used to would say nothing

*and stomp off *
stomp off cry a lot It became annoying I got to the point were I was not sure if this would be a dnf as I was just sad and felt it lost all of its pull I then starting reading some reviews and decided i wanted to finish it I stuck with it and shortly after 40% or so it sta Kill me now please What a waste of my time and money God I don t know what I was thinking when I purchased this book God I can t find a book that is njoyable any Here s the thingI really wanted to like this seriesI am really disappointed after reading these booksI feel they had a lot of potentialbut alas As much as I love books with a little bit of drama this book is filled with tug and pull nonsense from both the sides which gets irritating after the first few times Could have been better writ. L belong to a working girl as ordinary as meOur deal was supposed to be simple I marry him for a year; he nsures that my unborn child and I are taken care ofBut now Faja (Naslouchač, everything's complicated We can't keep our hands offach. A good story which xplores the interface of social media in relationships and the damage that publicity can cause to the persons reputation but importantly to their well being and the desperate outcomes that it can produce Although Paige is freuently left to manage things herself I did find Ryder s character irritating in this book that s not necessarily a negative I found it hard to believe his profession of love for Paige whilst single handily causing her so much pain himself clearly a man totally consumed by his own importance Ryder s character changes a bit when he pain himself clearly man totally consumed by his own importance Ryder s character changes a Bit When He Realises The when he realises the it is having on Paige For me the book came to a sudden nding the story did have an Dirty Work ending it just seemed rather abrupt that said as soon as I get some time I will read the next book in the series Great Ending I was sucked into the first book because while it is the cliche I ll pay you to be my wife boss and assistant romance When I got to thend I couldn t wait to dive into this one to see what happens Paige is such a strong woman character which I haven t seen a lot of lately She s not the typical female character Hearts Farthings either She s normal Ryder is Hollywood s resident playboy with the most screwed up family I havever read about The plot on this one follows flawlessly with the The Mount Shasta Mission events from book 1 There s an added suspense factor with some blackmail and shady handling from Mira There s also the push and pull of Paige and Ryder decifering there feelings for one another because none of it was supposed to be real All in all a great read and grrat conclusion for one of my new favorite couples I liked this book better than the first in the series mainly because it didn tnd with a cliffhanger I loved the plot twists very inventive writing The characters were all complex and interesting real people with Little Darlings emotions and backstories I loved how Ms Lee gradually added information aboutach character th. Ryder Pryce Reed Billionaire Hollywood superstar The man Greenwich every man wants to be The manvery woman wants to haveI am about to become his bridebut only so he can claim his grandfather's legacy The world is furious that he wil.

Summary A Hollywood Bride Billionaires' Brides of Convenience #2

Ten Below average read Nice tie with book 1 I hate serials but I liked this one He didn t have much to do with acting so his occupation could of been anything Cover works xcept h was over weightI cringed at how awful people were towards Paige in social media And the doctor at ER said she was high risk pregnant because of being over weight Hmm why didn t her OB dr tell her that Seemed like fat shaming Yes you need to keep weight down at well It didn t seem like "pregnancy was overwhelming her life Lucky book character I threw up all nine "was overwhelming her life Lucky book character I threw up all nine lost 50 pounds Lots of sun plots that don t get resolved pounds Lots of sun plots that don t get resolved these two books so why bother Anthony Shaun Don t waste your so u can find out what happens It isn t worth it The first book was good This was just a ploy to make I was starting to buy the author s other books but now I M Not Going To Bother Not Only Was This m not going to bother Not only was this sold as two for an inflated price but the story was frankly sub par Especially compared to Nadia Lee s first books which really had something unusual and new in their tones realism and characters The latest have gone downhill in my opinion and that series start really close to the bottom The heroine is supposedly big and beautiful I sincerely had the opinion she was such only for marketing purposes and trying to sell books Their relationship is just a seuence of physical attraction followed by one or the other blowing cold and not trusting the other Always for the Your Name Here exact same reasons one time after the other and that really got old after the 2nd 3rd and 4th time it happened and thexact same arguments were hashed againI do not believe those 2 would stand a chance Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, even if they had normal lives With one of them a Hollywood star their relationship would only last days Especially as they remained so immature and didn t helpach other to growA very poor book and probably my last from this author which really disappointed me a lot. Other Enemies both past and present want to tear us apart AndI'm in love with RyderHow do you keep a man True everyone says isn't yours to keepNote This installment of Ryder and Paige's story does NOT contain a cliffhangernding. A Hollywood Bride Billionaires' Brides of Convenience #2
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